Grand Final Entertainment


someone should draw a caricature


Jimmy Barnes FMD, has there ever been a more overrated Australian muso?
If I wanted to be screamed at until my ears bled I’d rather my wife does it when I get home 2 days later after being in the grog when we win a GF


(No U18s match) + (Music I don’t care for) + (Richmond probably playing) = (Absolutely no reason to tune in)


I’d be happy with Fletcher at all breaks and pre game simply taking shots at goal from the centre square.

Now that’s entertainment!


Horrible choice. Shows again that the AFL is out of touch.

Meanwhile NRL get Gang of Youths.


Yeah, I’ll be giving it a miss again this year.


Isn’t that the band with the “singer” who pi5sed herself on stage?


I can’t tell if your comment is satirical or serious. If it’s satirical then carry on. But if not, I’m no Black Eyed Peas fan but aren’t they one of the biggest selling acts of all time? Even if you don’t like them I’m not sure you can complain about the quality of the artist.


Channel 7 have a documentary movie on Jimmy Barnes’ life coming soon… gee what a coincidence he’s grand final entertainment


Yes but she has now left them.


Will they be playing this?


Only if Collingwood is playing


I didn’t mind “Weekend”.

Everything else is vomit. Especially “I Got A Feeling”.

I got a feeling you should ■■■■ off.


My humps, my lovely lady lumps.


Black Eyed Peas?


At least I’ll be following advice from one of their songs. Let’s get ret…i mean it started.


My urine-soaked trousers…


where is the love


I can complain about whatever I want.

I demand a quality artist be playing when I’m trying to finish off cooking the barbie and not even watching


I still can’t quite believe that happened.