Grand Final Entertainment


Pump it!


I don’t know, because it’s no longer 2005


theyre garbage… were cool maybe 15 years ago but have been lame as fk for the good part of a decade now… at least


And yet, I’ll wager she still smells vaguely of urine, much in the manner of an old folks hame.


You sure this isnt your fetish Dingus?


Is it only cool when Chrissie did it?


That’s the AFL administration theme song isn’t it?


Those doco telemovies are the worst thing going.

“BARNSEY: A Rock Story” starring Todd McKenney as Jimmy Barnes


Then the tie ins on sunday where Todd cries about how Jimmy has been such an inspiration.

P.S. Fark delta goodrem.


No it’s a proper doco and deals a lot with abusive father, but it won’t stop seven doing stupid indulgent promotion of it through the gf


I couldnt tell you any previous acts except for Meatloaf and it’s by far the most entertaining act ever played before a GF


AFL Grand Final entertainment:
2017: The Killers
2018: Black Eyes Peas

NRL Grand Final Entertainment:
2017: Macklemore
2018: Gang Of Youths

Does anybody see pattern here?
AFL- Washed up bands that people have forgotten about.

NRL- Current popular bands that have a proven record of being able to perform live… in 2018.


The Killers were awesome


Cold Chisel are also re - releasing their Best of Album All For you the day before the grand final ,arent they ? No matter what you think of Jimmys screaming, he is good value for money. He is an entertainment legend we have all grown up with and sung along to for decades and alot of us have been to Cold Chisel concerts and brought home some good memories.
About time we got one of our own to engage and rev up the crowd. Hasnt been done that well since Powderfinger 10 years ago. They were great.


reasonably certain.


dunno about that. Wasn’t it 2016 when the NRL had Richie Sambora and his girlfriend singing old Bon Jovi songs?


Meatloaf in a bat mobile would be befitting of AFL planning


I must be the only Aussie that hates Cold Chisel.


Sacre Bleu!!! And you’re from Adelaide too!!!
You should be ashamed of yourself…

(BTW, I’m not a massive fan either…)


Something something cold turkey something-something-something silver city