Hangover cures

Joe’s first post in 6 months.it seems WoBs thread has got Joe #backin. Coleman, Norm Smith and flag incoming. Lid off.

Non-alcoholic beer

One of my doctor mates swears by proton pump inhibitors. Takes a dose before a big drinking session, a dose after, and says they mean he doesn’t get a hangover.

Honestly don’t know if it’s a legit thing or just a placebo though. I guess they would help cut down the nausea, but as for all the other hangover symptoms…


What is it? My Japanese is slightly rusty (read: non-existent). I’m guessing by the picture that it’s ginger something?

Best thing I’ve ever found for curing hangovers, was a perfectly healthy young Liver.

Lost that some time ago now though, …

Careful everyone BSD is into organ harvesting


Hydralyte icy poles. Have three in half an hour. Blew my mind how much difference it made.


Good call. Lemonade ones are the bomb too

I plan now because i am old.

Electrolyte tablets and water pre bed. Get up when i need too if gummy mouth hits. Repeat Electrolyte and water hit.

Sleep in as much as possible.

Coffee and bacon the next day.

I think the whole drink water thing before bed, hydralites etc is The way to go

If only i could think about this whilst I’m blind


‘Ukon no chikara’.

Ukon = turmeric.

A turmeric drink that gives you ‘chikara’ (power/strength).

Most hardcore drinkers here, cough, cough, drink a small bottle or two before a heavy session & sometimes after a heavy session as well.

So sugar and caffeine then?

Blue gatorade and servo pie on your plan B walk home from the pub?

Ha. No caffeine in there. 5g of sugar. Vitamin C & turmeric extract (good for inflammation/acts as an antioxidant).

Hydralyte and gin/vodka. Works a treat, gets me through big weekends and festivals


Sounds great. Send us a slab.

Upon receipt of the funds, a slab will be sent. :wink:

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Hangovers make wob smarter.
When has he ever used a word like “whilst” before?


just buy some tumeric powder, crush up some vit c and get some carbonated water, should do the same thing.

Or could just substitute tumeric with any anti inflam extract or supp, that you find works for you.

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Only stops the acid production. So if you’re one of those that gets the gut hangover. Some of the brands can actually give you a bit of gas and the trots too, so be careful. I never liked them.

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