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Contact ESSA, they will probably have someone happy to talk through all this stuff with you - do you have a student membership? (Mrs P did mentoring program for a year or two which was basically just that, talk through career path & problems etc w/ students or new grads)

From what I understand there’s not all that many AEP positions full-time in acute hospital settings, let alone full-time in neuro. In Melbourne at least.

Once you meet the bar for AHA you will be able to get a lot closer look.


It’s all mostly part time from what I can tell (which I’d be ok with; can work in private practice or do something entirely different on the other days).

I haven’t applied for student membership with ESSA (yet), was going to wait until I’d done a bit more research into the type of entry level AEP roles in hospitals there were available. If they’re non-existent or pretty far removed from what I’d be interested in doing then I’m likely to batten down the hatches and make a run for physio


The entry requirements for physio might not be much different, and there will definitely be more jobs going, especially in acute.

I reckon it’s worth sending off an email to ESSA though. Were/are you facespace friends with (former Blitzer) Jimmy?


Anyone have any advice on tennis elbow.
Been lifting weights 4 x week and playing tennis 2 x week.
Noticed pain in my elbow when doing bench press.
Went Osteo who said I need to stop training until it heals.
Haven’t trained or played tennis for a month and still sore.
Starting to lose all the gains I made at the gym so pretty disappointed at the moment.
Is there any way I can still train and not cause anymore damage? Feeling pretty flat that I can’t lift weights.


My current grades (Ds & HDs) are probs borderline to get me into a physio Masters (pending the fact that I’m not 100% on how Weighted Average Marks works nor how the relatively low standing of my uni will influence it)
For some reason I had in my head that they’re 3 years but that’s only Melb Uni’s ■■■■■ “Dr of PT”.
Given physio is only 6 months longer than EP full time that definitely swings it in favour of PT.
I’ve got friends/family in Adelaide, Bris & GC so at least I’ve got options if I don’t get into LaTrobe here.

Nah I haven’t had FB in a couple of years and haven’t seen/heard from Jimmy in even longer except for some article he wrote I stumbled across a while ago lol


Presuming it is the tendon, then they respond well to first isometric loading then eccentric loading.
What area do you live in?
I might be able to recommend a practitioner that has had more dealings with tennis players, golfers etc


Hey mate,

I thought I might try provide what little insight I have from within the bubble of Perth/WA. I myself am a AEP and performed two practicum placements at two hospitals over here back in my Uni days. These were both cardiac placements where I supervised group exercise sessions for individuals following recent cardiac events. As you can imagine the sessions were mapped out to a tee re: programming/intensities/exercises as per hospital and national guidelines. What I will say is it was one of the most stressful periods of my life supervising the ECGs of high risk patients in real time and I genuinely poo my pants at the thought of ever returning. For that reason cardiac technicians are well reimbursed yet positions are few and far between, graduate entry jobs to come either through the placement itself or with a recommendation from your supervisor.

I’ve had friends and classmates hired into private hospitals specialising in knee and hip rehab but ultimately the scene in Perth is acute care positions would almost always be filled with OT/Physios with AEPs predominately working with the patient privately or via referral after discharge.

Similar to you I had a lot of interest in working in the hospital setting but without finding a niche ie; cardiac, the broader hospital-based acute care is filled by OTs/Physios - in WA anyway.


I’m in diamond creek mate. If you know anyone around these areas would be much appreciated


All the guys I normally recommend are South East but I found someone in Eltham who has worked with both professizonal tennis players and also golfers so I presume she has dealt with a lot of elbow tendinopathy
Try and get in with Alyshea as she seems the most equipped to help you


Mate that’s awesome. Appreciate the help. I’ll give her a call and see how I go.


Anyone here know much about nerve pain and dealing with it? My mum is pretty bad. Long story short she had a tumor cut off her spine, has recovered, walks, drives etc, but everything is in pain. Can’t sit for longer than 30 minutes, can’t stand, can’t bend over, cant walk far at all without pain, can’t lift, can’t do most simple tasks. she’s lost all confidence in herself, she constantly looks nervous and scared. I do believe a lot of it is mental too

Any help would be appreciated. It’s hard to deal with, and watch as her only son


My Dad had similar pain. He hated taking drugs but you could see the anguish every time he moved.

He tried most things, but got good results with acupuncture. There was a local Doctor who used needles and laser, and Dad felt comfortable going to him as he was a “real” doctor.

Also have a close friend who is a hypnotherapist and she treats those with chronic pain to help manage it, seems to also get good results in most cases.


If it’s just general pain it’s unlikely that any nerves are being directly impacted upon (she’d have pain shooting down the limbs, or at least peripheral to the spine, if this was the case).
Without knowing a full case history it is impossible to give any definitive advice (and to be completely honest, with the education and experience levels I’m at now I’d likely find a specialist to refer her to) BUT you are absolutely correct in that there is a very large psychological component in the vast majority of chronic pain cases.
Here’s a couple of resources that may be able to help.
The first 2 are solely Australian based and you should be able to contact them for further information or suggested practitioners, the third is international but the guy that runs it is from Adelaide and is considered the world’s leading authority on chronic pain

I also suggest watching these videos for your own benefit


She’s seeing a neurologist in a week, but she has heaps of numbness, shooting pains, all sorts of pains. Thanks for the info, them videos are good


I had 12 months of nerve pain - and general pain - in my back and shooting down my legs. Couldn’t do much that wasn’t in pain. Tried physiotherapy, Pilates, swimming, walking, took lyrical and pain relief didn’t touch it. Saw a neurosurgeon who diagnosed me as having degenerative disc disease.

3 weeks on from fusion surgery I’m in less pain and more mobile than prior to surgery. I’m off pain killers too.

A drastic option though. But I do believe a neurosurgeon is a specialist who may assist. There is definitely a psychological aspect - I lost all confidence doing things because of the pain. Pilates was really good for helping me rebuild the conference because it made me move but I felt it was controlled. All the best to your mum.


After plateuing in my weightloss and increasing in weight. I looked at the 9in6 challenge at Ultimate You. Basically the website tells you it’s free* and they give you the nutrition and accessto the PTs and gym.

Upon further investigation free is, $497 upfront and you get that back IF you lose the 9kg in 6 weeks.

I should have known free is never free.


Depends how fat you are, but 9 kg in 6 weeks is not that tough, and it is a good incentive to get your money back.


I’ve recently taken up boxing. 4kg down in 2 weeks and feeling 1000% better


I can afford to lose bout 20kg.

Just thought that was a bit pricey. Trying to find gyms that offer similar challenges for less $$$


Would you keep it off though? Would it change your lifestyle? Otherwise you would put it back on wouldn’t you?

I did the Michele Bridges 12 week body transformation thing. Six months later, I’m at a similar, if a little less, weight than my final weigh in. I use the same food portion sizes i used in that in all my meals as a matter of course now. I have a treat meal a week. And I exercise 6 days a week.

Seems to be working.