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Well yes. But I was just trying to give the millions of fascinated readers an idea of the order of magnitude.


Goddammit, now I’ve gotta bring my PB down by 3hr28min instead of 3hr27min. I’ll never get the record now.


I reckon when Derek Clayton took over two minutes off the record was maybe superior, and when De Cassella took a minute off he didn’t get the same accolades.


I’d flog him.



I would be in a cab though …


De Castella was very unlucky. For a long time he had the second-fastest time ever, while the fastest was set by Alberto Salazar in New York. Later, after both times had been beaten, it was discovered that the course covered by Salazar had been about 100 metres short of the proper distance. So De Castella’s time had actually been the fastest, but not recognised.

Salazar has since been controversial in other ways.


I run a few times a week, always trying to improve my 5km time, and anything under 25 min means I’ve been doing all the right things (cross training, diet, etc) consistently. I know it’s nothing special, it’s probably average for a 40yo, certainly not competitive. PB is 23:45.
It seriously blows my mind that people can do it in less than 20 mins, let alone under 15, and keep going for 2 hours.
It’s about 21 on a treadmill, if ya treadmill went up to 21. Nuts.


Ive never done a sub 3;00km in my life. closest is like 3;11
Amazing that he has run 42 x sub 3;00 kms.


After 11 months without running (due to being to sick during pregnancy) I’ve done the first week of the Couch to 10k program. Pumped to be back out there, but combining it with a session of floor Pilates and a weights session means my legs are sore pretty much all the time.


Im running a marathon on Sunday hoping to go sub 3;05
will be my third ultra for the year, plus I did a 50km ultra last month.
WEll done getting back out there megz.
The hardest part of running is getting out there for the first step.


The first step is fine.
It’s the second one.
THAT’S the tough one for me.


You put your left leg in
You put your left leg out
You put your left leg in
And… aw ■■■■ it!


Can’t dance to Nut Bush City Limits either.


My aim is to do another half marathon, hopefully next year’s Melbourne Marathon but need to find the time to run that long, particularly when Bugman5 wants/needs to run as well.


I did my one and only half marathon in 2h12mins 5 years ago. A week later I experienced angina for the first time. I now have a stent in my LAD coronary artery.

It’s fair to say it tested my limits. I was back running within a couple of months though, and I’ve since done the Run for the Kids 2 or 3 times (14-16 km).


I did the Run Melbourne halfa about 7 years ago now, did it in a similar time. I was born with a heart condition, they repaired a few holes but pulmonary valve has a lot of backwash, doesn’t stop me from trying though. These days whenever I step up the training though I strain a calf or something and have to back off for a bit, running helps keep the weight off better than most other training I do when I’m injured though.


I think the half I did was the Melbourne Marathon about 5 years ago and was around 2:08. No where near that speed after having children!!


You might have passed me!

(Like many, many others.)


My Achilles heel is my Achilles’ tendon. If I run more than twice a week it’s liable to flare up, and once it’s inflamed there’s no cure but rest for anything up to four or five months.

You’re right, running is the best for weight control.


diet is the best for weight control


Agree. Running is (for me, anyway) the best exercise for weight loss, but the greatest determinant of weight is the quantity (and I think to some relatively small extent) of food (and drinks other than water) ingested. The ideal form of diet for overweight people is eating less.