"I can't login"


Does any thread about Worsfold get auto-deleted? what the ■■■■ is going on?


Getting weird error messages when I try and post.

“{“Targets”:[{“Target”:”",“Data”:"\/discussion\/vanilla\/post\/comment2.json?commentid=645743&inserted=1",“Type”:“Ajax”}],“CommentID”:“645743”,“DraftID”:"",“MyDrafts”:“My Drafts”,“CountDrafts”:0,“FormSaved”:true,“DeliveryType”:“VIEW”,“Data”:"[ jibberish here] “,“InformMessages”:[],“ErrorMessages”:”",“RedirectUrl”:""}"


The posts are going up, but the quick-post thing (refreshing the page) isn’t.
Seems to be others as there’s a few double posts happening.
Started about 15 mins ago.




Also the ‘last posts’ from the home (View All discussions) page is bung, not showing anything from the last hour or so.