If we are a serious club we MUST protest Rampe post climb


Just send Myers and Heppell back to the scg Rampe can man the mark. Gill can don a umpires uniform and blow the whistle . All the swans fans can turn up and boo as Myers slots it and Heppell can be there to give a rye smile after Myers kicks truly.


She was, but that wasn’t intentional. BSD was only trying to climb her.


Or a Liverpool kiss if he misses


I’d love to see this.


How about they just stop ■■■■■■■ us over, every game?

That’d be great, thanks.


Woosha says the club “sought clarification” from the AFL.


I’d love to see this.


I have a lot of problems with these sections.

a lot.


Yeah the line between genuine attempt and genuine throw seems to have been lost completely. But I think anyone who has watched the game over the last decade and a bit knows that. I think you can trace the evolution of this interpretation back to Geelong circa 2007 when they started dropping/throwing the ball to the advantage of teammates and it was interpreted as ball came out in the tackle


That’s the part that interested me as well. I also believe it explains the strange ANZAC round umpiring.

It is now clearly written that if a player doesn’t have prior opportunity, then as long as he ‘tries’ to dispose of the ball, it is not a free kick. It doesn’t matter if he throws it and it misses his boot, or if he just drops the ball when tackled.


And that as long as you “try” to be legal, you’re allowed to be illegal.

That’s not how things work.

Also, the rules seem to be silent on this “genuine attempt” business if you have had prior opportunity.


I can see why the umpires felt hung out to dry by the AFL.

lol. They really do suck, don’t they?


Bombers still bamboozled by AFL’s Rampe ruling

Callum Twomey

ESSENDON remains confused about the AFL’s ruling on Dane Rampe’s scaling of a goalpost in last week’s loss to Sydney after seeking clarification from the League.

Rampe was handed a suspended $1000 fine for climbing the post as Bomber David Myers’ after-the-siren kick fell short of delivering Essendon a win.

It is against the rules to jump onto or shake the goalpost and the rules say Essendon should have been awarded a free kick on the goal line for the incident.

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan ticked off on the umpire’s decision not to penalise Rampe, describing the call as ‘practical’ officiating, but then the League sanctioned Rampe for “conduct unbecoming or prejudicial to the interests of the AFL”.

Coach John Worsfold said the Bombers had spoken to the AFL seeking some answers.

"From what I understand, it wasn’t a free kick, it was nothing to do with the Match Review Officer, but he’s been fined? So, I’m not sure what basket it’s fitting in. But the AFL have dealt with it, we’ve moved on," he said on Wednesday.

We certainly sought out clarification from the AFL earlier in the week but now we’ve got to move on

“There’s an outcome, it’s just about how we got to that outcome. You could say it was long-winded.”

Essendon’s loss to the previously 18th-placed Swans left its season perched at 3-5 ahead of Saturday night’s clash with the Dockers.

Worsfold said the club was working on fixing its inconsistency, and identified the Bombers’ midfield and their higher inside-50 count as key areas in which the club had improved in the past 12 months.

He also admitted the Bombers’ shaky start to the year meant they couldn’t afford too many more slip-ups.

“The urgency’s always there. You keep an eye on where the gaps are in terms of the ladder, but our absolute focus has to be on how we play this week,” he said.


When he says “it wasn’t a free kick” does he mean it wasn’t deserved or wasn’t paid? I’m presuming the latter. And what was the AFL’s response? It would be nice if we got to hear it.


Umpires are there to adjudicate to the rules

That’s it

No common sense interpretions of what the rules say to suit the situation/ themselves/AFL

Joke the free wasn’t paid.

And bigger joke that Gil has defended the decision how he did. If he’d said the umpire made an error that would have been that.

Albeit heaping more pressure on the umps for being incompetent/cheating when our players knew it was a free immediately.


If you had money on an Essendon win , could you threaten legal action.


This would be the way to go. That is probably why that corrupt Rsole Gil said the maggots did not make a mistake.


Gambling money propping up the giant AFL corporation . Couldn’t possibly cause corruption , could it ?


Three cheers for Rampe. At least he has the guts to take Gill the Dill and the umpies on.


Let the AFL change the goalpost THAT OUGHT TO FIX THE PROBLEM.