Is there an E.F.C. historian in the house?

I wanted to post a topic on premiership droughts. I thought I would show a list of the years in which we were premiers (16 of them) and the person who coached the team in each of the years.

The years we won the flag was easy, I had them on an E.F.C. poster on my study wall.
Putting a coach next to each year was a little difficult. Here’s why:-

I would be so appreciative if someone with a good knowledge of Essendon VFL/AFL history could explain why we didn’t have a coach (as such) when we won the flags in 1897 & 1901. Also what happened in 1942 (a war year) where it seems we had no coach (as such)?

Here is my list of premiership years and coaches showing the coachless (?) years. Please note: I will edit and update this list as I get information.

1897 Formative years, no coach (as such) just advisers to the captain George Stuckey who also coached (thanks DJR and percebushby)
1901 Formative years, no coach (as such) just advisers to the captain George Collins who also coached (thanks DJR and percebushby)
1911 Jack Worrall
1912 Jack Worrall
1923 Sid Barker
1924 Sid Barker
1942 D, Reynolds
1946 D. Reynolds (Thanks Bullwinkle)
1949 D. Reynolds
1950 D. Reynolds
1962 John Coleman
1965 John Coleman
1984 Kevin Sheedy
1985 Kevin Sheedy
1993 Kevin Sheedy
2000 Kevin Sheedy

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My non expert guess would be that in the formative first years of VFL, the captains coached the team. And in the war years there may have been some war commitment issue that prevented us from listing a coach that year.

On another note, looking at that list we certainly won the jackpot when we won the services of one Mr Sheedy!! You beauty Kev!! Loved ya as our coach!!

This is not having a shot at the coaches since him, but oh for another one like him!

Oh, and as for premiership droughts, ours are:-
4, 10, 11, 18, 12, 19 and currently…20 years :cry: :cry: :cry:

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D. Reynolds was coach in 1942 & 46

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Ah, so wikipedia is wrong, Bullwinkle? And Cec Ruddell didn’t coach them in 1946 then? Boy, that’s a bad blue then.

You are so right about 1946, Bullwinkle. Bloody wikipedia!

Flying Higher says we didn’t have a coach till 1911 (but did have “advisers” in 1908 and 1910).

Reynolds 1939-50 then ten more years as non-playing coach.


First assistant coach was in 1948. Points to who can identify this famous name.

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So, our last three premiership coaches are Sheedy, Coleman and Reynolds?

No wonder we have a messiah complex.


Thanks DJR. Please note I’ll edit and update my list above…

Can Courtney Johns coach?


Whats a messiah complex?

Ha ha who could blame us?

Someone on this list?


Look at the premiership list and I think you’ll get the gist. Every now and again someone comes along who is SPECIAL :laughing:

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Not on that list. He was captain-coach at St Kilda in 1946-1947, after playing for the Mayblooms and (mostly) us previously.


Alan Hird?


How many threads Vinnie D make?

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Phew, no need for the obvious hint: his son, grandson, and great-grandson have also had roles with us.

EDIT: ■■■■, and Stephanie. Ten lashes for me.


Hey, I won the points!


Not that many. They’re pretty cool though, eh? :laughing: