That’s taking a Python sketch too far.

I had a 6 to 7 footer run between my legs while I had my head and shoulders inside the Camp trailer at Wingan Inlet once. Took skin off the left calf and right shin.

Their skin is rougher than you’d expect…

Aren’t we talking about Lizards?? :smirk:

It’s not meant to be taken literally. It means anyone in the reptile industry.

Ha. One of the boobs standing nearby didn’t even spill his coffee AND kept drinking it!

Meanwhile, would you boobs stop talking about whales and give me a hand in this thread please?:-

You should pm @Mendozaaaa

Is he an historian?

No, but he knows a couple.

Well let’s hope he joins in the discussion. I don’t see much of him. But then again. I’m nearly always on gibberish. :rofl:

@Mero knows a bit about the history of the EFC.

Oh man, I would LOVE to hear from Mero!

Why don’t we hear from @Mero anymore?

People take time out. Always liked @Mero

You mean he got bored with this place?

Bored? Frustrated? Angry? Who knows?
Is there a way of searching a member’s activity, last post date etc?

I ask such dumb questions.
Of course there is.
Says he was here earlier this month.
He lives in Vancouver, Canada.

I’ve been to Vancouver, or ‘Couv’ as we like to call it. It’s very rainy.

Couv’s very rainy, eh? He should feel at home, then, pretty sure he’s a Melbourne boy.
Speaking of which, I went for a walk on Wednesday, it lasted 15 mins. Didn’t get swooped by birds, they had more sense than to go out in the pouring rain! Fair dinkum, I could NOT have been wetter if I jumped in the bath fully clothed! That’s honest, IT P1SSED DOWN!!

I thought the sun always shines in Reservoir?