James Hird — January 2017 onwards

American Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne is advertising his appearance at its Grand Final breakfast


Can only repeat what came out of his mouth, don’t know anything more than that. Maybe his youngest one does?

The three of them do. Unless they’ve switched clubs recently.

When the truth comes out, his son will be in a very good position.



A friend posted this on FB. He saw James in the city on his break (he was with a Bulldgos supporter who confirmed how bad James looked)

“Ladies and gentlemen and this is why the whole Essendon Supplement Saga occurred. Just remember there is alway a hidden agenda and don’t believe everything you read and hear. I saw James Hird yesterday and was excited so I greeted him and as most of you know I will talk to anybody.
What I saw was a frail looking disoriented broken man.
This broke my heart because at the end of the day we are all human and have a role to play in society.
Today I have reached out to the club for someone to contact him to see if he was O.K
A lot of us our passionate about our clubs and thus why we support them.
Just imagine if you were scrutinised every day and under that pressure how would you feel. He had a job to do and that was to coach the Essendon FC and if you do you research on Dean Robinson the weapon and Paul Hamilton they have all been looked after and have landed new roles getting paid six figures.
Put yourself in his shoes.
The most important thing in life is respect and treat people the way you want to be treated.”

He also supplied this link:

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I believe @SheedsIsOurFather chatted to
James recently. I believe her assessment was completely different?

James is actually doing very very well. Again people who have NFI

So you are attacking a person who cares about James (basically worships him I might add) and is upset by what he sees?

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The power of self-aggrandisement is strong in this one.


One of the guys I work with does a lot of business in Darwin and helped sort out dinner arrangements for Hirdy and Sheeds at the event they spoke at a week or so ago. My colleague showed me a couple of pics of Hirdy, Sheeds and another bloke enjoying some laughs in the hotel pool. Fair to say Hirdy looks fit enough that he could pull on the boots next year. He looked very healthy and from all reports, happy. So the comments about him being frail and broken don’t correspond with the images I saw.

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Fair enough. I can only go on what these two saw as they chatted to James, I didn’t see him.

Agree. He wasn’t having a cracked, seemed genuinely concerned. Our society would be in a much better place if more people showed compassion.


Not disagreeing with what your friend saw or thought, but you only have to see the pictures of him with people buying his chocolate, he looks quite happy and healthy with is fantastic to see. The cocoa hunters twitter account has pics of him with family reasonably regularly and all look well.

Not suggesting your mate was wrong, but it may have been that he was distracted or just going about his own businessand not really wanting to engage. I imagine after copping it from people for the last few years that you wouldn’t be as trusting when random ppl approach you, regardless of their intentions

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Just because he looks happy in a photo, or for fleeting moments doesn’t mean he is doing well. Or just because you see him and he looks frail and broken at one time, doesn’t mean he is not. He has been through a huge ordeal that one probably can’t ever fully recover from. Sometimes he could be putting on a brave face, trying to fight his way out. Sometimes he may have just had a bad day. I think sometimes we try and read to much into things. Only really himself and close family truely know how he is doing. People going through depression and related issues get good at putting on a mask, to hide the way they are truely feeling.

But what we have seen recently of are great signs he is getting on with his life. Writing the column for the sun, his chocolate business venture, accepting the invite to present the Normsmith medal.



For some reason, I keep reading the header as “James Hird: In pubic again”

“For some reason”


Lol. I don’t want to see his groin if that’s what you’re inferring.