James Hird — January 2017 onwards

That my friend is exactly what I am inferring. Not just see by the way. You are only human and he is a magnificent speciman.


Yes, I went to the chocolate tasting on Saturday and spoke with James. He was kind enough to personalise a message for my brother, who has pneumonia at the moment, on a box of chocolates, and pose for a photo with me. I also chatted briefly with his daughter, Stephanie, too. She was all smiles and giggles. He seemed well from the short time we spent together.



Chester Bennington, Linkin Park frontman, hours before he took his own life.
Tread carefully with such things.
I hope James is surrounded by expert and friendly support.

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Well I actually look like crap most of the time, and after all the drinks I had at Crown in the Sports Bar last Saturday, I looked even worse on the train home.

Sadly though, no letters in our local paper saying “Former Mayor looking like a frail, disoriented broken man.”

At least we all care about James and that is what is important.


I’m not attacking anyone. Just telling you James is in a very good place in his life right now. ■■■■ lot of angry people on this forum

Why would there be? They already knew that about you. Now if they saw you healthy…well, that would be worth putting in the paper. “Ex-Mayor seems to be on the good stuff, independent investigation required”.


Your friend was taking sneaky photos of men in a hotel pool?

In all seriousness… because you may not actually realise this… almost every time I read anything you write, it sounds aggressive and angry. I’m pointing this out in case you weren’t aware.


Also if I can add (because I’m getting pretty bored of this)

it all comes from this ‘I know everything at the club and your all a bunch of plebs’, position. Now you may well be a club insider, but if you are I can’t help but ask why the fark do you come on here just to say “your wrong, what would you know, the development coaches are rubbish, Mark Neeld is a flog etc…”. Perhaps become part of a constructive discussion once in a while, share some insight, express a view that’s longer than a sentence and provide some rationale. You know, try and add some value

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It’s a knife edge to walk. He may be in a good state he may be hurting but a categorical labelling of where he’s at isn’t conducive to his recovery or well being.

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Receiving photos taken by others. Not sure if that’s any better though!

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Was at an event in crown with hirdy as guest speaker. Spoked well about he’s struggles in the past few years. Looked like he’s loving life again which is great too see. Got a signed cap from the great man. Also said he loved facing carlscum, as they knew they would win.


Wow, listen to the whole interview but if you are impatient, head to around 9.50min to hear what he has to say about James.


Can you summarise please? For the benefit of those in distant places with limited internet.

And for the benefit of the really impatient :wink:

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He starts by saying that Alan Bond was the most charismatic person he’d worked for. Says that he knows nothing about football, didn’t even know JH prior to being engaged. He states that he is the most honourable man he has ever acted for and was seriously impressed by him. Said he was given a terrible time and that JH is a decent man.


I have so much respect for Julian Burnside and the work he does. He cops so much abuse but keeps doing all he can in the fight for human rights.
His opinion of the character of James means a lot - and confirms what most of us believe about JH.
I think everyone should take the time to listen to the entire interview.


I note that Hamish has “left” (been flicked) from SEN allegedly because he has too much work at 7 but in reality because the ratings were worse after his latest sinecure was obtained (he and his brother are seemingly never ending beneficiaries of these parachutes).

One wonders if SEN had had the intestinal fortitude to hire Hird (as they wanted to but were then forced to accepted Gil’s baby brother) whether the ratings may not have gone up rather than tanked.

Anyway, the program cannot but improve with his absence (although it is SEN).

I note that even the EWN Comedy Debate has let Hamish go and replaced him with Tiffany Cherry (seems like a good idea to have a woman MCing the EWN Football Woman of the Year presentation despite Miss Cherry’s less well known “brand” than the friends of Stokes).


So many double negatives. Hard to read. Head hurting.

Yes putting James on SEN will totally attract better ratings. apart from the first week where everyone will want to see if hes full crazy, then it’ll be petitions for him to ■■■■ off. you live in deluded land.


Do you mean the Hamish who was Justice Middleton’s Associate just before the honourable justice decided it was ok for the AFL to conspire with ASADA to take away the rights of the essendon players to confidentiality, to not self incriminate and the right to remain silent. This rights being provided for in the ASADA Act and which are enshrined in the Common Law.