John Worsfold


Mate / we will never ever know each other well. Just like we will never ever know about winning last week with this weeks structure.


You don’t say anything anyway.


Still too early to call either way, imo.


Team brought the effort and pressure. It’s up to Worsfold to get that type of effort out of the players every week

Team was set up the right way, and we looked so much better.

Credit where it’s due to worsfold. Everything about the team looked better this week. It’s up to him now to have that level today to be the norm not the exception


Does bullshit count?



Do you realise you’ve actually said nothing?
In a zillion posts?

You just want to put ■■■■ on me for having an opinion, right or wrong, and this week…friggin’ right?

No, bullshit doesn’t count.


I really reckon I’m watching a different Hartley to you.


I must be saying something because you’re still banging on, and still can’t address a reasonable question.


You’re not seriously suggesting this is something they, as a group, got told this week, differently to last week?

Not when every single person at the club - coach, assistant coaches, captain, players, bootstudder - keeps saying the same ■■■■■■■ thing,regarding not executing/sticking to their plans?


The bottom line is one week, bad or good, means very little.

If good Essendon turn up 20 times a year, doesn’t matter if we’re a complete stinking turd the other two. If bad Essendon turn up 20 times, doesn’t matter if we beat both grand finallists by 120.


Are you suggesting that things may develop and evolve from here???


I asked you to repeat it.
Surely you didn’t miss that?

But let’s be clear.
You have not mentioned a player’s name.
You have not mentioned a position change.
You have not mentioned a tactic.
You have not mentioned a change in playing focus.

Have said.

So you don’t get to tell anyone they’re talking bullshit.

Step up or bugger off.


I am.

I think the coaches and the playing group were shamed into it by the media focus.

Sad, huh?

I’m open to other suggestions though.
They seem pretty thin on the ground around here.


You need to step up if you missed it, and then could work out that you asked me to repeat i.
Full of it.


It’s more sad that you think that.

I can tell you 100% that the whole playing group and the coaches were more dirty than even you were about last week, and the media had little do with it.


You’re such a coward.



They were dirty and turned up this week.
Excellent explanation.


It’s simple, isn’t it


I do, too.


I’m not going to tell you what I know, or how I know it, but you are wrong wim.