John Worsfold


You need to step up if you missed it, and then could work out that you asked me to repeat i.
Full of it.


I appreciate that you can’t say what you know.
But I’m not just talking about this week.
Or last week.
And I am definitely not talking about the last fifteen years.

I am talking about our last two home games against Brisbane.
I’m talking about our last two games against the Bulldogs.
We haven’t played Carlton yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Hooker forward and Brown back in against them.
I mean, I hope we’re not that stupid and arrogant, but I remain to be convinced.

I guess what I’m saying is that I hope you can see that even if I’m wrong, ■■■■■■ hell, all visible indicators do not suggest that.




I did give you other suggestions Wim, but there’s no need to try and convince each other here.


What is going on in here?


Today? Or the last 15 years?


You’re an imbecile if you can label me a coward based on an internet exchange.
Absolute imbecile.


Truce guys!

Enjoy the win.


Just Bovril already.



Say something.
About the game.
About anything.

Or do what you’ve bravely done for the last dozen posts.


Now this man knows what he is talking about


I am.


It feels like we are more than 4 points from top spot😊

Very open season again.


It’s a possibility, I grant you. You’re calling a lot of people out, people who definitely do know the situation closer. But you could, theoretically, be right.

I reckon the message was - at least substantially - the same. And how the players reacted/responded was, for whatever reason/s, 2/10 last week and 7/10 this week. Of course it ends up being the coaches’ problem regardless, but I don’t buy the coaching panel we have being that inconsistent.
If you’re going to give Worsfold credit for anything, he’s consistent - to a fault.


I appreciate the considered and relevant response.
And I hope you don’t think I’m being a ■■■■ when I say, apart from position changes.


Position changes I’ll grant you. All worked this week.
I don’t think that’s the whole story though, or even the bigger part of it.


Hats off to Woosha, to realise you are wrong and change things is a bold move and I very much respect it.

For those who continue to claim that we “armchair fans” can’t know anything about football, today was proof that we can, and often do, know what we are talking about. There are some incredibly smart and capable people that don’t play AFL for many different reasons, doesn’t mean they can’t observe and make valid comment on what they see.

I almost feel like today Woosha listened to everything that has been said and implemented pretty much 95% of what I have been wishing for.

  1. Hartley in for Brown - yes it was forced but I think we look far more dynamic as a defensive unit with him in the backline. Less prone to turnovers, gets outmarked a lot but does a lot of work blocking for others. Elevates/Releases Hurley to play that loose better when he is in the team.
  2. Hooker down back. This is the biggest and best move we made and, imho, had a very big part in our success today. Hooker wasn’t dominate today but neither was he missing. Several of our attacking chains were a direct result of his abilities. Makes the defense better around him, is a general and a leader. Also helps release Hurley to ‘do his thing’ without worrying about defending a man. Will be better for the run and I hope we never see him start forward again!
  3. Stringer predominately forward - 4 goals and a heap of pressure. Also looked damaging in VERY short bursts through the middle. The man is a forward, play him there.
  4. JD in the ruck… still had an average day compared to his capability BUT he wasn’t ice cold. Helped him get some touches, a goal assist or two and ended up with some nice marks and a few goals. He also won a few clearances and enjoys having the run I think. Better option than Steward to relieve TBell.
  5. Tighter defense in transition. Yes this is an effort thing but our POSITIONING today was different. Looking at the ‘stills’ on several plays you could see we were close to ‘man on man’ through the middle… not sagging 5-10m off. This allowed us to put a HEAP more pressure on the ball carrier. Much more efficient and better model than waiting for a turnover. Hopefully we never see the loose zone ever again.
  6. Forward pressure - removing Hooker from the forward line just made us look far faster… we actually locked the ball in for repeat entries and efforts. 2 tall forwards worked and I hope we stick to it.
  7. McGrath at HB… locked more assured and confident and it might be his natural position. Yes he will have long runs through the middle and can play anywhere but he is great as that HB option. I think Hodge showed that you can be very damaging as a HB given the right game plan.
  8. Using Parish as a first receiver not inside bull. Nice hands and good decision maker. Looked much better.

So yeah… some very good coaching moves this week and results showed. Most of them have been pretty obvious for some time… but better now than later. We are 2-2 and now up to the group to keep it up.

Kudos Woosha… may these truly be lessons learned and not just a one off!!


Not suggesting it is.
But it is a part of it.

And if it was suggested even once that this was a consideration, I’d be a lot more forgiving.
Hooker hasn’t trained outside with the back group until this week.

And he still played like that.


You’ve lost me here

I think I can understand the club wanting to be sure, to the point of paranoia, of making our messaging to the media clear and unequivocal. Can’t you?

I think, internally, there’d be dozens, maybe hundreds of ideas canvassed every single week that never make it out of a meeting, much less make it to the media.

They’re two quite separate things.

Worsfold mentions it once…“Hooker confusion” easy clickbait crap article appears 2 mins later. At least make them work for it.
We can all see it was an option all along, even if not the 1st or 2nd or 3rd choice.


wont believe it till theres a gif of it