Josh Schache


Didn’t Lloyd leave the club for the media? He was doing a role with JD and left, why would he come back for JS?


Maybe he wants to help out a kid who looks up to him part time in a mentor type role. If the kid is battling a few issues maybe it might work


Not sure about that. He suggested that he couldn’t do his hard hitting media role as well as be involved at the club due to conflict of interest. He might keep an informal relationship though!


Richmond need another tall as they are killing Riewoldt - It’s not sustainable for Jack’s career.


I’m guessing they either don’t have the cap or Schaches not interested.

They certainly need a succession plan for jack.


All their pennies are spent.


The “Martin” effect!


They paid $800k (overs) to get Prestia to choose them after missing Treloar. Caddy was probably lured across on a reasonable pay packet also.

Martin is on $1.3mil now

Cotchin. Rance. JRiewoldt would all be on big money. Especially the latter two in fighting off attempts to poach them of recent times.


You would have to think that picking up Josh opens up the possibility that one of our current talls is traded.


Marlin to be precise.


The king of game fish!


800k for Prestia?? Your having a laugh, surely.


Went back and checked articles. I knew it was high but $800k was a little too much mayo.

Prestia could expect to earn $700,000-$750,000 and the Tigers are set to offer a five-year deal for the Assumption College graduate.

Still overs as he’d very injury prone. But that’s why he picked them over others. And Tigers were worried they’d lose out on another they were in mix for based on what happened with Treloar previous year.


Playing in a gf this satdee


I reckon it was probably an excuse by Lloydy.

I suspect Hirdy become very withdrawn, dare say Lloyd had minimal contact and I also get the impression that JoeDan didn’t listen / rate Lloyds goalkicking advice…



Yeah he’s going down to Seymour to catch up with his family…what a sook!


Jake Lever is home sick and he’s playing now.


David Noble in trade radio this morning seemed to indicate Josh could be traded if his manager indicated he wanted to head home. A bit of a surprise as generally a club would come out and clearly state a player is a required player.

Looks like he is gettable.


Do it for pick 11 and a player