Josh Schache


He can take a clunk as he is very strong in the air. What separates him from other early key position players is his ability to run opposition defenders off their feet by leading up the ground. He runs a plus 14 beep and is super clean with his feet. He ticks all boxes except the attitude one which wasn’t a factor pre Lions.


FWIW, when you calculate the FairyDustPoints, that would make Schache worth pick 17.


I like that deal as it would provide us with the pick 19 which would be a fair trade for Stringer.


Schache and Stringer will mean we won’t have to worry about our forward line for the next 10 years. That still doesn’t fix our main concern (mid).

I would love to get it done still.


I still think that Stringer is potentially a major fix for our midfield. No guarantees that he makes it as a midfielder, but the potential is there that he does and he transforms it.


But can he take a strong contested mark from very little lead up, or in a wrestling match? Because we need someone who is going to replace Hooker, not Joe (which is what he sounds like).


Sounds about right, particularly in a draft where it goes shallow after pick 20. Pick 11 would be closer to gold dust than fairy dust.

According to half of blitz, Francis is worth steak knives, so I’m content with a homesick, underperforming Josh Schache at a pick 17 value.


So you think its coincidence that Ricmond’s two best midfielders are the guys they took #2 and #3 in the draft? Hell, you could probably extend that rule out to Prestia and Caddy who I think would be their next highest picks, and their next best mids.


Edwards was a high pick too, as was Ellis.


I think the blueprint for success atm is moving away from having too many big talls up forward.

Hawthorn won what 2 flags with only roughie up there after franklin left.
dogs only really had boyd
richmond Revolt.

don’t think we should be chasing any talls at present, no matter how promising. we already have stewart and daniher, and as a fall back hooker.

again the blueprint is for mediums and smalls to apply manic pressure once the ball hits the ground.


I agree. Without knowing what his issues are (fitness? motivation? intensity? homesickness?), he is in the same boat as Francis. High draft pick, but 2 years later it looks doubtful he will fulfil it. Certainly both are currently worth significantly less than what they were drafted at.


Interesting too that the last two runner ups were stacked with big forwards, who did nothing on the big stage.


Tom Boyd almost won the Norm smith for the Dogs. Can’t say they aren’t important.

Crows just got out worked by Tigers.



Cotchin and Martin looked like players straight away, as did prestia.

I’m saying that good junior performance means nothing if it doesn’t translate into senior form. The fact Jack Watts dominated juniors doesn’t mean much these days.


Lacks intensity big time, his kicking has gone off at AFL level, and he has lost his sticky hands - I worry how good all of Schache,T.Boyd and McCartin will be.


Nailed it - JD turned his game around when he lead up at the ball and played more as a high forward.


If you are prepared to hit up targets having a small forward line certainty isn’t the issue that traditional thinking would suggest it is.

Tigers hit up targets in around 40 from goal pretty consistently on Saturday.

We still seem pretty intent on kicking it long and deep far more often than id like (unless we get out the back). As long as we maintain that we are going need a hulk next to Joey to give us any chance.

For the most part, it must be said, our forward system worked pretty well. Of course the tigers got the better of us with the same style of game that made the crows look second rate. The coaches should be looking pretty closely at that in the off season


Brisbane have an academy 199cm tall forward rated in around the top 15 in this year’s draft, that’s why they are not too heart broken if he left for a high pick


I think you have to be very careful with how you assess the performance of big forwards and ruckmen in U18s. The lack of physicality means that it is a completely different game when the try to transition to AFL. Maybe physicality needs to be more heavily valued in assessing potential. The alternative is to wait for physical maturity and hope the player can convert his game to survive the body on body style of the good AFL big defenders. Joe is still trying to cope with that aspect, and he is a success story.
Maybe don’t use high picks on KPF because of the high risk and the delayed payback.
We have certainly seen that with ruckmen in recent drafts.


Isn’t Schache a dead eye ■■■■?
Bring him in.