Justin Crow


One hopes the bulking up program doesn’t replicate the previous one.


Meat n potato programme,


I think he’s done a good job in keeping the list injury free for majority of the season.


No surprise our program may be a bit conservative.


Hmm, were you around during the 2010 to 2014 period? Because compared to that, our injuries are so much better it is almost unbelievable.


I reckon Crow has been outstanding…at injury prevention and management. Before his era we were very bad at this, a decent venue and spongy floors help too. And no weapons of mass destruction.

After the weekend the questions I have are:

Are we recruiting the right body shape? We got monstered by the Swans, their midfielders are Big, fast and strong and break tackles at will.

Do we have the right training programs: can we create these body shapes, or is it genetic?

We sure havent got these big, fast, strong types. Can we create them or should we be recruiting differently?



but can he play in the midfield?


And look what happened last time we tried to bulk up our players


I’d be in favour of not doing what we did last time.


Finals nerves
Chasing Sydney’s tails all the time
Players always look spent nowadays anyway with the amount of running they do

Given Crow’s mentor (Buttifant) it’s not surprising he might be a bit conservative. Hopefully he ramps it up progressively til we find the sweet spot between performance and injury.


Geez how unfit is Usain Bolt then? He’s puffing after only 10 seconds of running.


This joint as gone on tilt following this loss. Potting everyone now are we? I though Crow did a good job keeping or players on the park.


Nervous energy / adrenaline surge. Expended a lot during the lead up I’d suspect, … then after an intense 1st qtr, they come out flat after it recedes and turns to fatigue & lactic after the 5 minute break.

If interested, look up…

Nervous system energy expenditure
& Post adrenaline rush fatigue


I’m incredulous that anyone could be targeting Crow of all people within the club. Has anyone had a look at our soft tissue injury record over the last 2 years? don’t bother, because I can tell you - It’s fkg unbelievably good. Jesus.


I suppose you are referring to rash of soft tissue injuries during the Weapon strength and conditioning program, which was based on a rugby league model, and had (aiui) more of a “strength” component. The Crowe programme is more “scientifically” based for AFL at least in the sense that running loadings are monitored and controlled in a way that has evolved since 2012 when GPS was just being introduced.

I believe these advancements re helping a lot with soft tissue injury rates, but not only at our club. Remember, both Essendon nd Collingwood had massive soft tissue issues in the 2012-2014 era. I think that most clubs now have this sorted and it should not happen again.


Collingwood’s issues were (largely) caused by that bloke they got from St Kilda quadrupling their running volume the day he walked into the club.

Forget all the fancy mumbo jumbo about biomechanics etc; the only (relatively) decent predictor of injury (apart from previous injury) is abrupt changes in training volume (either increased or surprisingly to most decreased).
10% is the magic weekly (or monthly, can’t remember off the top of my head) figure for changes in training volume before injury risk rises aka if one week the players did 100km of running the next week they can do up to 110km of running; any more than that their injury risk goes up substantially


I have hopes for Begley, Mutch, Langford & maybe even Clarke in those roles. Laverde a possibility. All big strong lads.



From his twitter, Crow’s work being presented at Harvard.


I’m a fan for two reasons.

  1. We have far less injuries allowing player to get continuity.
  2. The kids don’t come in a break down constantly allowing them to learn and develop.


He’s absolutely been a big tick this year.

Are people not happy with him?