Laverde, Langford and Francis


Spot on. Our best player in the Final.


Needs to add some size.


I agree that he made huge improvements. I agree he is going to be very good next year.

Equally, Gleeson has weaknesses. He isn’t strong, and he doesn’t have break-the-lines speed. I look at young Ridley and would love to see him play out of that spot. Redman also is arguably wanting that role. We’ve got ourselves chasing Saad. Matty Dea is still on the list if it all goes south.

So yep, if we were looking to sell high in a position where we have other options, then Marty isn’t out of the question.

I think it is 12 months too early though, and fully suspect that this will be a hot topic this time next year.


If we trade him, thats 4 years of development down the drain for a player thats coming into his best years. No thank you. The coaches love him as well. Hes not going anywhere


Gleeson is very good in many areas and very weak in others.

Hes the kind of player that, if someone takes his spot, becomes a very valuable trade prospect.


Considering our depth in small-mid defenders, trading Gleeson, unless for another defender, would be a poor list management decision.


Would be worth a third round pick on the open market.


Arguably, the player is worth the most in trade value just before another player takes their spot.

Picking that point of transition is one of the tricks of list management. While also keeping some depth on the list.


I don’t disagree with what you are saying. However, I have covered your issue in my suitably broad “what ever the reason…” that can include he’s at FarkCarlton and wouldn’t get a game with us, but that again is simple speculation. If they all died tomorrow the history books would say basically similar careers.

There might be a line after in Langford’s and Laverde’s obituary about untapped potential sure, but output has been the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Laverde can be well established in our best 22 next year, maybe Langford as well, although he just scrapped into the top 10 in the VFL B&F. I am just talking about runs on the board.


Myers and Colyer maybe. Struggle to trade Howlett.

Wouldn’t consider the others for trade.

Particularly when Hallahan’s name gets mentioned as an ‘in’.


Agreed, good call.

I just think that a glass half full Gleeson is in the 20-25 range.

Timing also requires another club to be requiring his intecept marking and other strengths.

Very impressed with his improvement in disposal and composure this year


If… IF… he puts on 5kg muscle over the off season, he will start to be competitive in the contest. It’s currently his weakness, but it’s not insurmountable.


I totally disagree with this.
I see Marty as being top 10.

Edit: or did you mean ‘picks in a trade’?


Overreaction I think. Give them 1 more year to show their worth.


He meant picks in a trade


That’s about right then, I’d say.


Can’t carry these guys. Seriously dude. You need to be a lot more patient.

Franga and the Langford are 20 years old.


LAV. 21.

And Hallahan. @aboods post was spot on regarding all accounts. Especially the bit about if Hallahan is better than them they should be insta-delisted.


Since when is I’d consider putting them on the trade table swapping them for Hallahan.

I’d consider trying to upgrade all of them at the trade table to improve the list as a way to move up the ladder.

Willing to admit the call on Gleeson is a bit harsh.

But would he be in the B&F top 10? Personally I wouldn’t see him ahead of:


And if we keep him does he stifle the development of Ridley or Redman. It’s a fair question.


Gleeson played 18 games for the year. It’ll be difficult for him to break into the top 10. But I still think he will poll ok.

I hardly think he is stifling the development of anyone. You’d normally leave that term for older blokes that are just hanging on. Marty is only just about to enter his prime footballing years.


The idea that either Ridley or Redman could step in to Gleeson’s shoes and give as much to the team is a Blitz fantasy.