Leadership Group 2023

Interesting isn’t it? I asked this a while back and the response was that he was a good player but not a leader. Not particularly vocal. But how is that different to Zac? Maybe Parish is a bit jovial, not serious enough?? Whereas while being quiet, Merrett is fiercely determined.

Its OK to have an opinion from outside the 4 walls. But I suspect the one the players want as leader is very very hard for us to know. Given that, it’s going to be one of those the players want and the Coaches approve of who will be appointed.

So sure my pick for leadership group: Merret (c) Heppel, Wright, Redman

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It’s either Merrett or Shiel.

It’ll be Merrett.
I can’t think of many triple B&F winners at the club who haven’t captained the club.

Anyone but Heppell.

Don’t care if it’s Zerk-Thatcher or Jayden Davey or whoever else. We just need a clean break from Heppell - not just as captain but even the leadership group.

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Although I can see you’re being a tad “tongue in cheek” I think you’re being very harsh on Hepps.
This is more a reflection of our list rather than Heppell

Yeah I thought that as well.

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Shiel (C), Merrett (VC), Heppell, Redman, McGrath.


Ricky Mott?

I’m the last game of season last year, after the absolute debacle that the club found itself in. Merrett really stood tall against the Tigers. Played like a captain and late in the last qtr single handidly took on nankervis front on for HTB.

I have no issues with Zac being our new captain.

Just please keep Heppell as far away from the leaders as possible.

Captain: Merrett
Vice: Redman


Yeah merrett leads on field by actually impacting on the contest which we have been sorely lacking. Not the ideal option, but i think he’ll grow nicely into the role, seems determined.

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Clayton Oliver is a 4 time B&F winner
Lachie Neale is is a 5 time winner

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But not at this club, which was the point.

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Good group. Geez I’d be tempted to throw Guelf in there. Really growing as a leader on the field and seems very popular off it.

Both of those teams have won a final.
Even made a Preliminary Final.
I’d say they are spoiled for choice.

We’d have two players (for memory) who have played in a winning final.
And those two won’t be captain.
The only player who has tasted any kind of success (albeit personal) is Merrett.
It’s a low base, but that’s what happens when you’ve been as bad as we’ve been for two decades.

Tom Fitzmaurice, 3 time efc champion but not captain,
but did go on to captain coach at the Cattery and North

Wally Butsworth 3 time efc champion, but not captain
John Birt 3 time efc champion, but not captain
Zach Merrett 3

Bull Hutchison 7
■■■■ Reynolds 7
James Hird 5
Simon madden 4
Tim Watson 4
Jobe Watson 3
Graham Moss 3
Barry Davis 3


Love how Reynolds first name gets the filter treatment. Good points, none of which I dispute and all relevant. I was merely
Pointing out the Oliver comparison wasn’t relevant to what Blummers was saying.

I see Julian deStoop at SEN reckons Redman is good captain material and Hepp might struggle to hold his place in the side this year.

Maybe he has been on this forum.

Nobody questions Merrett’s ability to play like a captain, it’s most of the other stuff a captain does that he doesn’t show. Particularly comes across like an introvert and despite clearly holding himself to high standards, he doesn’t appear to be very good at inspiring others to similar standards.