Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late


The line for GF tickets starts HERE!!!


thats the spirit, the AF fark you have released packages today, i suggest getting one early to save disappointment.

Fark Carlton!


If we lose a game this season, I will be really surprised.




Gday everyone I’ve just got home from colac.
Bit of a walk to Keilor East.
43 kababs down and I’m still flying.
I hope the rumors are true and the dvd box set of it comes out before round 1.

What a taste of what we have in store for us this season. Nothing but victories and kicking ■■■.
Stringer is the messiah. Sent from above to save us all. !!! What a goal.


Get on us for the flag


Anyone else having issue with ticketmaster? It’s a bit glitchy, hoping don’t miss out on GF tix.

Reckon I’ll try mobile site too, seems to refresh quicker.


It does seem like we’re facing tough opponents at the right time of the season. Both Crows and Doggies within the first few rounds. Both clubs have a number of injuries (Doggies now have Marcus Adams out for 3 months) and both will be rusty.

Better to face them now and not later when they’ve got some momentum (especially the Crows).


After too much Malbec in Argentina I’m lid off - at least until quarter time Round 1 !


I’m fully invested. How can I not be when we are going to thump the crows without Raz, Gleek, Ambrose and Myers?

Mosquito mids to cause havoc, THE to make a blind turn in traffic and take a quick first option leading to a goal assist and Stringer leading most fends for rd1. Forward line to create mayhem, bags to get revenge on an over confident Betts, Harts putting his 2017 behind him to blanket Jenkins and Hurley rebounding to the early morn.


Post definitely belongs in this thread. Lid off!!!


I’m on board Nifty! Choo! Choo!


For some reason, Blitz lost my reading history and put me back to the first post in this thread:


Welcome new comer, I’ve never seen you before.


See, now I know you’re taking the ■■■■


I prefer to think I’m taking the lid off.


R.I.P Lid


Lid was off at Etihad tonight


6 goals to none to finish the game against last years minor premiers.

i am already chalking in a 6-0 start to the season.


this club is farked