Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late


It’s a really tough first 6 weeks though. I reckon 4 wins would be massive.






We throw Raz & (to a lesser extent Myers) back into the team
Eliminate our stupid turnovers
Straighten up our shots at goal

Look out


Deserves a repeat, even if I do say so myself. Just change Bags to Saad.


Had the telescope out and the lid is on trajectory to reach mars before Musk’s Tesla!


What makes me confident about the essendon football club is talent.

Although the last few seasons may show otherwise, I believe that having top end talent is what delivers premierships.

A few years ago you could look at Essendon’s best 22 and pick out a small number of players who would make the best 22 for a top 4 team.

This year, you could easily pick out several players.

I came to this realisation after watching Essendon play last Friday.

From Devon smith’s pin point passes or Stringer’s overhead handballs, Essendon are starting to build a very talented team.

Compare a midfield of Stanton, Hocking, Howlett and Myers to one of Heppell, McGrath, Merrett and Smith.
The contrast is huge.
I don’t draw this comparison to condemn the likes of Howlett and Hocking. More so, to demonstrate the limitations that the former midfield group had to the latter.

There will be exciting times ahead at the Essendon Football club.


We are on the verge of something special lid off people. Sit back and enjoy the ride.


I thought Adelaide looked slow last week. Tonight Richmond looks slow.


To be fair, our 2017 season finished three weeks before Adelaide. More preparation time for us.

And Adelaide had a two quarter lead on Richmond. It all adds up.


Boo. Take your Adelaide lovin to the lid on thread and let me be free. :sunglasses:


whoosh if you thought that was a compliment to Adelaide!


Damn. Missed the sarcasm font!

I reckon we will annihilate Freo.


i am super lid off but im not kicking the dockers whilst down.

this weekend will test our professionalism.

we have the overall talent to win on the road against freo.


Sorry @Vanders_18 wrong thread.

Paraphrasing from true lid off posts…

Something something a million points victory something something 3 Brownlow votes something something percentage game

Get over to the cautious pre game thread and get that limp stuff out of here


Lid off but I will be super lid off if we put a proffestional clinical performance against Freo


its not in doubt.

we will pass said test with flying colours.

i think its time to earn some good money on the punt. 45+


% booster


Last night Crows vs Tiggers an excellent lid off game.
Crows aren’t crap. We’re good.
Tiggers are the new Footiscray and the maggots are wising up to their cheap shots.
1st round win a genuine 8 point game.

Go Bombers.


Good sides, playing good football, make other sides look bad.