Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late




Get out of this thread rosso


Usually it’s may where this thread gets derailed, but we also play freo in may so maybe that’s the common link


We can talk in October.


And that happens.


I’m still lid off.

Look at round 4 1999 for a comparison


minor speedbump.

missed the TAB so.must have been a sign.

bad day out at the office and still managed to get within a couple of kicks.

highly confident we will bounce back strongly next week.


We played Freo, not GWS.


gws side missing some good players and not at their home coming of a massive loss.

the giants just worked as hard as they needed too.


Fark Carlton lost
Fark Richmond lost
Fark Collingwood lost
…Fark Hawthorn to come

Lid off.


You missed my point. Bad day at the office but got close is what you say when your looking for a positive. However we lost to a bottom 4 team, there is no positive in “we played bad and still nearly won”


Get out of here.


If you want to actually have a discussion (rather than just prematurely dance on the grave of the lid), then accept that in this artificially equalised competition there is no such thing as a “bottom 4 team” (or a top 4 team as the last 2 premiers have shown us). There is only teams who play well on a given day. Teams final results depends on how many days they play well, but that is the only real difference between “good teams” and “bad teams”.

Are Freo “bottom 4”? Who would know yet. But they brought intense pressure last night. And they have 3 quality small forwards, a bunch of quality mids, and a dominant ruckmen.

They have holes in their list for sure. They had a bunch of quality kids who filled those holes last night. Those same kids will likely struggle after 4 or 5 or 6 or 12 games when the weight of continual pounding starts to slow them down. It doesn’t mean they weren’t good last night, with the mature players playing well and the opponents under pressure.

And Essendon played terribly. That happens. it’s disappointing, but it also doesn’t define our season.

There’s a long way to go, and the reasons we should be contenders later in the season are still valid. And the reasons we might not be are also still valid. We need to improve, but it will come.


gurge this thread please.


Honestly its games like yesterday that constantly re enforce my hollow mood of supporting this club.

Despite last weeks win I was never proper excited about yesterdays game and what it could mean for our season because this SH*T is always around the corner with this club.

Big wins mean fk all and are NOT an indicator of possible success further down the line for Essendon. They’re just one off’s to enjoy in the moment, do not take a shred of confidence or belief from any win Essendon experiences throughout a season.


Should have gurged this thread after last week. We were poor against Adelaide and everyone chose to ignore it.



Our side like nearly every other would be thinking flag time if you could put Nat Fyfe on your list in that sort of form.

Essendon still has heaps of upside.


Essendon playing terribly happens far too often for us to start thinking about finals in any sort of way. As stallion said, this game was expected, in fact it has become the norm. Play an average side, get embarrassed by them.


Come on, people. Let the lid off thread be lid off. We can all go lid on in the lid on thread.


Yes of course.

But the exact same thing would have been said about Richmond after they lost to Freo at the MCG in Rd 8 last year.

Long term lid-off is based on the Merrett/McGrath/Parish/Fantasia generation not being the same as the previous generation. And that group driving us to be better.

And it can click quickly. Especially if Joe actually plays the football he’s capable of.

If it doesn’t then we’re battling mid table to try and get some finals football.

But if it does click then, in an even competition, we are a legitimate chance.