Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late


Been waiting for 15 years for it click and still nothing.


Other thread folks.

This one is just for us ‘happy clappers’.






(I’d just written a long abusive post, but my heart just isn’t in it. I’m not sure I can lift to defend the lid-off thread any more…)


lid on


Why does this thread exist.


Don’t worry sheeds will come out shortly and point out a time when we were 1-2 and went on to win the flag. It’s all good


You are delusional.


Burn this fkn ■■■■ thread


Thanks @Yossarian, you’re the only one worthy of this thread. When we win the flag you’ll be able to hold your head high!


Never seen more mass delusion that the talk around Essendon’s chances heading into this season.


I’m lid off about the mute button. It’s coming in really handy now.


When we win the flag we will only have heads attached to a robotic body, wont have any necks to tilt our heads in any direction


If we beat Port next week we will only be 1 game off top spot.
Furthermore, we are currently only 1 game ahead of getting a crack at another Andy McGrath.


Pretty happy with how this is turning out so far. Sydney started 0-6 last year and look where they ended up. I assume they won the flag because i stopped watching football after they won their first final.


You are joking? Right? We are not Sydney. We are showing so much grunt these days aren’t we? I’m certain we do not have the grunt to lose the first six games and still make the eight.

After the worst performance any of us have seen in a long, long, time. More of this we are headed toward the bottom four not the top.


Check the thread


[quote=“mdso, post:259, topic:11641, full:true”]
You are joking? Right? . [/quote]

What is “jokes”?


Don’t want to quote myself, but…