LID ON 2018 - lacking the grunt to open the jar


Can’t send out memberships in time, can’t apply for grants in time…


They’ll have the nerve to ask us for $200 raffle tickets soon. Unbelieveable.


LO ■■■■■■■ L.

Absolutely typical of our club

But that’s ok, X is providing “stability” so his future job at AFL house is guaranteed


Amatuer organisation.


I presume there are Blitzers that actually work for the club, right? Those on the inside?

If so, I have a question.

How much do Worsfold, Heppell and any other senior figures employ a bit of tough love? At the risk of sounding like an old fuddy duddy, sometimes the players deserve a proverbial foot up the ■■■■. I wonder if the club is too soft on the team.

Heppell seems too easy going and maybe the coaches are holding back on account managing millenials and being wary of hurting the players feelings.

Am I way off? On the money?


The club is utter SH*T

I say that as a frustrated fan that hasn’t seen a finals win since he was 13…I 've seen no success, remember it’s easy being more laiback when you’ve had good times, what has most of us had? nothing other than a few highlight vids of youtube…the best essendon related memories I have is having met some wonderful people from Blitz (honestly every person from Blitz is gorgeous) and having some laughs on this site, because Essendon sure hasn’t given me anything. I’ll grant you some memorable unexpected wins spaced out over 14+ years (a few in 2007 were great and the start to 2012 was good until that Melbourne game).

Any time this club has required hard yacka or mental fortitude they’ve dropped the bundle, especially when we’re playing “the hunted” role. We are literally the pretty boys of the AFL, looks great when we can coast along with some uncontested junk and use some pace, but when we actually need players to put in the hard yards, dig in deep against the tide…nope, we’re f*cked. This team is a team full of mental nutcases. Someone else will do it, or we’ll rely on supernatural talent from Hird or Daniher to get us through…

Today Sydney came out and again targeted Johanisen because they know he hated it, got in a huge scuffle, got down at half time but used physicality and just grunted it through for a win away from home. If we can’t get space to go handball crazy (because finding targets by foot is harder and panic handballing is easy, hence the overuse of handballs) then we’re just f*cked. Other teams lose because they just don’t have the cattle, and we laugh at Melbourne but we’re worse. We have the cattle, okay maybe a few short of the top 4 for midfield talent, but we’re mentally soft, softer than Melbourne or Richmond or Collingwood or any team you laugh at when they lose unexpectedly…we’re mentally and physically soft, no one to push or shove or change things or impose themlseves, just a bunch of coasters. Tommorow night, if Port for some stupid reason let us play loose then we’re a big chance, but we all know when push comes to shove, when an oppisition club is truly applying heat and we haven’t got a huge run of momentum, we’ll lose. And lose without anyone trying to change things or anyone do anything.

Honestly the best thing this club could do would be to get in guys like Mitch Robinson, because the guy doesn’t take ■■■■, wins a hard ball, sacrifices his body and would make the rest of his mates stand taller. Even someone like Robertson or Sicily, guys that actually get angry and use physicality.

If Port are half smart they’ll clog up the space, get us on the counter and they’ll probably be 4-6 goals up at half time. once we relaise we can’t get our game running after about 20 minutes and find out it’ll be tough, we usually Essington it up and the turnovers and ■■■■■ football comes out…then again Port usually fall into the high scoring trap over here so it’s a 50/50 game. either way, the issues remain.


First part completed



if we win 2 of the next 3 I am fully stoking up the lid off thread again.

clearance/contested work really impressed me against Port. Goals from stoppages!!!

I’m not saying we are Sydney like in this aspect yet, but so glad we are are scoring like this.


Fark carlton

Win 2 of the next 3 you say? So what if we lose to carlton after that?


I am going to take a lot of convincing before I even think about getting out of the lid on jar. It was a good win but there was plenty room for improvement.


Well, I wasn’t confident of winning until very late in the 4th… which tells you how confident I am in this team.


Win a Final.


Win four games in a row, even.


X probably couldn’t get his PowerPoint finished in time.


People rejoicing that we won, need to have a reality check to the last decade.

‘Backs against the wall’ wins, against top 4 sides has been something this club has consistently done for 15 years.

Having the proffesionalism to beat bottom 8 sides consistently every week is this club’s downfall.


Also beating top 8nsides when it matters.


In the finals?


Obviously still room for more Governance 101.


I normally teeter somewhere between Lid On and Lid Off (perhaps edging towards Lid Off).

Anyhow, I feel like I know the results of the next 7 games fairly closely.
This all feels kinda Lid On for me, so I thought I’d post it here, and revisit later…

Rd.5 Coll
We will have a little too much class over the ground, and just hold them out.
WIN by 16-20pts

Rd.6 Melb
Inexplicably, we put in a disappointing performance after winning 2 in a row.
The Demons coming off a 10 goal drubbing to the Hawks, and a 40pt defeat from the Tigers will steel themselves.
We won’t be ready for the physical onslaught.
LOSS by 15pts

Rd.7 Haw
The Hawks will feel good about themselves being 5 - 1, but we will handle them easily.
WIN by 28pts

Rd.8 Car
A lacklustre performance from us in a game we should win by 8-10goals.
Never really look like losing, but slightly disappointing.
WIN by 24pts

Rd.9 Gee
The wheel has turned against the Cats.
Though their mids are damaging, we get over the top of them again.
WIN by 10pts

Rd.10 GWS
Never in the game.
Too many errors.
Their class is the difference, but we battle to the end.
LOSS by 25pts

Rd. 11 Rich
We cannot handle their pressure game over 120mins.
In the end, we realise how far away we are from becoming a contending side.
LOSS by 36pts

Rd. 12 Bris (away)
No idea…no certainty though.
They gave us trouble twice last year, and we have no answer for Martin in the ruck.