LID ON 2018 - lacking the grunt to open the jar


Probably get a half back.


364 days?


Frosty please


Even our club song song is pox


Apologies, wrong thread :slight_smile:


Forgiven. Not sure how you made the mistake though, this one is more active and based on real life (future) events


While everyone was celebrating the Adelaide win, Alarm bells were going off in my head.

I spent the whole week talking about the fact, I’m very cautious about the quality of this team.

I was told shut up and accept that we are looking good and to enjoy the win.

I’m furious but not surprised by the performances so far this season. I’m pretty damn concerned by our soft underbelly and lack of proffesionalism to work hard to apply pressure and get to the contest.


Ditto. While everyone around me was jumping around deliriously I was shaking my head at our Knights-esque game-plan and wondering how the hell we’d pinched a game with 15 minutes of football. I did not come away from that game happy at all.

Our shortcomings (defence - specifically the Cale Hooker-sized hole in it, midfield) from last year were once again obviously on-show and we’ve done nothing to address it (which is getting magnified with each passing week as the season settles down). Even worse, our forward-line (our one redeeming feature last year) has been horribly unbalanced by now having Stringer in it. He sure as (shit) ain’t no midfielder, and needs to be playing the Hooker role, with Stewart and Daniher floating around him.


Can guarantee that there will be the odd win vs top 4 opposition and this thread will be flooded with lid off delusionists with ‘lMfAoOOoo HuR dUr WoNt WiN a FiNaL nOw WiLl We mOrAnZ!?’ then silence when we lose in hilarious fashion to a bottom 6 trainwreck like brisbane.


We’ll win this week, maybe even anzac day. Lose to Melbourne due to quick turnaround and then beat hawks and lose to carlton




i think we will lose again be 1-3 with the “season on the line” have a game of dubious quality against the filth and win.

Melb after will be a write off with us attempting to play bruise free footy to recover for the hawks. 50/50 l. so maybe 3-3 and “in the hunt for the 8”

and then the hawks will touch us up.


Rosso goes lid off!


That’s so 2017.


Welcome ro my world. I got the living ■■■■ canned out of me last year after our anzac day win , cos a wins a win and it proves we are world beaters or something.

Ironically a fair few of them now are constantly repeating similar sentiments now.

Alot thought freo game was the “anomoly” , but in reality it was the adelaide game.


That’s about as lid off you can get about essendon. Beat decent teams, lose to ■■■■ teams. The only thing consistent about us is our inconsistency from week to week


And 2014, and 2011, 2010, 2009 etc etc all the way back to 2002


no we will lose to decent sides this year as well.

the football the bulldogs played was decent.

I missed seeing the Fremantle game, but from all reports they played well too.

Im not super disappointed about the losses. its how the side played. out football was woeful


In fairness, ANZAC wins should be quarantined from the kind of mopey ****iness. You displayed that day.

FWIW I agree you cop it around here, but that day you got what you deserved. I’d recommend getting on the peach brandy again next Wednesday.


From SWWNBN Article today.

The only Victorian clubs overlooked in the complex multi-stadium deal were Essendon, whose government submission came in late, North Melbourne and Richmond. Hawthorn, which spent much of 2017 in an administrative black hole and is still finalising plans for its new Dingley home, did not apply.

Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me? Beyond cooked.