LID ON 2018 - lacking the grunt to open the jar


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Yes, you aren’t giving the forwards time to get into position!!!


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The fact that Myers and raz came straight in reeks of a ■■■■ culture.


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I’m so angry right now.

Get this fraud of a coach out of my club

Only at Essendon could a player as average as Myers spend 10+ years stealing a living and then get awarded a 3 year deal


We’re soft. Brisbane last year - a modicum of pressure, crumble. Blues in the wet? Beaten by a harder team. Sydney final? Trounced by one of the harder teams going around. What more evidence do you need? Undersized, downhill skiers who don’t know how to use their body to win the ball and dish off. Worsfold… ‘we play too fast’… bllshit. We play soft - when the modern game is all about attack and pressure we’re trying to perfect our Harlem Globetrotter routine. Richmond in the GF last year? Mongrel, berserker footy - get it into the forward 50 any way you can preferably on the ground, and swarm with a dozen decent sized berserkers until it spills to one of your team mates to score. Sht footy to watch but that’s the game… meanwhile we’re Harlem Globetrotting all the way to the bottom…

Rant over.


No structure. Outmarked. Outrun. By a team of old hands and kids. Myers past it. Goddard coughs it up. We cannot cope with pressure. We get crunched on the turnover. Green, Brown and Baguley are VFL. Myers is EDFL. No plan B. No leadership. No manic pressure. Downhill skiers. Appalling decision making. Almost 20 years of mediocrity. And we all fall into the same old pre round 1 trick of thinking because they wear the jumper and love the club that they are going to delver us success. We are so far off the pace it is laughable. We are as relevant as St Kilda and Carlton.


I’m not a drop them all to the VFL type person. I’m really not. But how many times can we go into a winnable game, play like ■■■■, and say we leave the players in to redeem themselves next week. Next week they’ll show that’s not the real Essendon. Next week they’ll take it seriously. No worries, there’s always next week.

Until you get ambushed in a final and there is no next week.


I’m not against the coach at all. It’s a much bigger job than the moves he makes on game day (although that needs to improve…which is probably only going to happen through better assistants).

But to me, the obvious changes, as I pointed out in the review thread are:

  • Brown out
  • Hooker back
  • bring in an extra mid (we’ve already got plenty of guys who can rotate forward and mid…bring in a genuine mid like Clarke).

There are enough good forwards in the team. With these changes we should:

  • Have more forward pressure through having only 2 talls
  • Have more run through the midfield and therefore hopefully more pressure all over the ground
  • Take more marks in the backline and therefore kill the opposition forward pressure more often.


Can we start the lid on 2019 thread already


I don’t want any LID OFFERS in here.

I don’t want anyone in here that was talking about a top 4 finish for 2018.


These people have proven themselves to be so deluded, so lacking in football judgement, that they need to be corralled onto the LID OFF thread, and then we need to nuke the thing.

I’m serious. These people bring down our collective IQ, and the worst thing that could happen is if they are allowed to wander out into the wider populous.

I say it again. There is only one way to treat LID OFFERS:


I posted in the review thread but it will be lost there, so reposting here:

It is blindingly obvious we have real problems throughout the Club.

I have been saying for years there is a chronic problem with the culture at the club.

This starts at the Board and goes down through to the players.

Why make an early re-appointment of a coach who has won more wooden spoons than flags? (And that flag was won by only one point despite having one of the best midfields of modern times and also having players on drugs that they have since said made them play like they were “bullet-proof”).

Our President comes out this week patting himself on the back saying he was the best person to be there when the CAS travesty was handed down. Why? Anyone can bend over and get whacked. None of this shitt would have happened at Collingwood with Eddie.

The players don’t have to give a fuck) about how badly they play. All they have to do is not be in the worst two or three players at the club each time they come out of contract and they will keep getting renewed.

We have burnt too many of our first round draft picks, and traded in too many over-the-hill duds. This has been a big part of the mediocrity of the last 15 years.

We have pisspoor player development and worse skills coaching - even players coming here with good skills go backwards quickly. Our goal kicking has been a travesty for years. There is no excuse for professional players to consistently miss set shots that a primary school kid could get. Today set new records in clangers and soft turnovers.

This is just off the top of my head - no doubt there are other problems that will be swept under the carpet.

It is now FIFTY years since we won a final under a coach other than Kevin Sheedy.

We desperately need someone like Sheedy who also had to come in and change the culture of the club and the mindset of the players.


17 years of trailing our opponents to the ball, just allowing teams to take uncontested mark after uncontested mark from one end of the field to the other

you just don’t understand it after a while, the same goes for no essendon player ever shepherding for his team mate and why opposition teams always have spare players 20 metres to the fat side of the contest and how we have a coach who doesn’t seem to do a single thing to fix our inadequacies.


Fish rots at the head. We as a club have become so concerned with treating the players with kid gloves since the saga, we failed to realise sometimes you have to rattle some cages and put the heat on people who aren’t doing there jobs properly.


Speaks a fair bit about the club when someone like me who does not gamble can look at the dogs odds of $2.75 or whatever and say that is easy money.

Seriously, how many of you saw some of the dogs-eagles game last week and say “you watch, they’ll beat us next week”? I know I did