LID ON 2018 - lacking the grunt to open the jar


I posted last week we would lose. Also called the game done at the 1 min mark.


We are a bottom 4 team. Deal with it.


Likewise on both points.
Took my 5 year old to his first game today. When he’s yelling “Zaharakis kick it to one of our players” we know that nothings has changed at Bomberland in 8 years


I’m not even mad just really dispointed I predicted this loss last week.


Another top 5 pick would be not so bad.


You realise it’s the negative of lid-oners that has caused this whole situation don’t you.

It’s the vibes man. So many negative vibes.


I watched WC v Dogs last week. I consider myself to be on the slightly pessimistic side of the EFC supporter spectrum, but even then the Dogs were so horrendously awful in that game I thought we’d win ugly against them. My conclusion is that I have underestimated how deep the psychological / cultural problems run within the club - the cast of characters is constantly changing but the outcome is always more or less the same, which to me suggests some very deep-seated issues with the whole psyche of the club.




Another top pick we can waste


You would like to think that we can fight our way out of this. You can be hopeful. 2017 was good year and made you think that the club had a direction. But as good as last year was there were issues that were clear.

  • Midfield not quite competitive meaning we weren’t getting the ball inside 50 as much as we would like.
  • Defensive Issues in the midfield leaving the back-line open to repeat entries into defense
  • Kick in process needed some work, further contributing to the repeat entries into defense issue

What has been a worry so far this year is that the above issues haven’t been addressed. In fact they have got worse.

In the last decade the best this team has been able to do is limp into an elimination final and then get pantsed by our opponent. Yesterday left you feeling that that we weren’t yet in a position where we rise above that level of mediocrity.

The team looks good on paper but so far this year it hasn’t got off the page.


Seems like for 15 years teams just have an extra mid or hb run forward with no opponent to be free on the flank, some times 2 or 3

How do we have such a big list turn over and this problem still remains

There is the stinkiest of lazy unaccountable bullshit attitude at the club going on 20 years now


That’s the problem, they don’t look good on paper. Good teams have a majority of six foot, fit, relatively fast guys playing the majority of positions. Our mids / onballers are deficient in at least one of those areas, if they’ve got size theyre not fit - Stringer, Myers - if they’re fit they’re small - Parish, Smith, if they’re fit and have size they’re treacle slow - Heppell. More McKenna, Clarke, Dea, Ambrose, Lang, Lav et al needed. Blood them, give them a proper go at it


Can we please go back to last years game plan? With the input of SSS we should be a bit better anyway.

We are unorganised rabble at the moment, no plan, no structure and no hope.

Its pretty disturbing to see our team play as poorly as we did.

We are a bottom 4 team at the moment.


My impression is that Ambrose is best 22 when fit.

Also my impression is that Langford is one poor game away from proving he cant make it. I will assume your counter to that argument is that Myers has had several seasons to make the same point.

I think the issue writ large is that we have an ineffective midfield. They don’t win contested possession, they don’t defend, they don’t take the ball away from stoppages. To me everything flows from there.


I hear you, and fair enough. But the elephant in the room that keeps getting overlooked is that they don’t win contested possession because they can’t get numbers to the ball (aerobic fitness and speed), and those that do have the fitness/speed to get there they are too easily pushed off the ball because of their size, (Parish, McGrath, Smith, Zaharakis). Yesterday, Tigers in the preseason, Freo last week, Syd in the final… there is a mountain of evidence. Last year in the final the argument was ‘we were cooked’ and that’s why we couldn’t get numbers at and winning, the ball. In the preseason against Richmond it was ‘its only JLT, it doesn’t count.’ Last week it was ‘we never play well on the road.’ Why the reluctance to acknowledge that we have too many small mids, and not enough six foot ruck rover types who can run all day and can get the footy?


Whatever the analysis that either of us prefer, the club has been unable to do something about it.

In addition it would seem that Zerretts high possession game was covering up some cracks. He has been tagged and effectiveness curbed. Instead of the others picking up the slack they have been found wanting.

Another point that has to be raised is just the class of disposal. We have been terrible. Class teams will be able to execute accurate disposal under pressure. We cant manage unforced handpasses!


We have mastered the blind kick and hope out of defence

We have also mastered the skill of when under pressure, giving a loopy handball to a teammate to also put them under pressure

We have yet to master the skill of blocking and shepherding


Part of the 5 year plan


In our defence it was hard to win a final without sheeds as coach for 27 of those years given he was the coach…