LID ON 2018 - lacking the grunt to open the jar


2016 - moving forward
2017 - year of redemption
2018 - reality bites and it hurts bad


Iv’e just about condecded that we will never be a good team again we have been drowned im midoricty for too long that i cant see us getting out of it.


Perhaps we wheel him out again, only if he isn’t enjoying a glass of red with the Sash.


It’s going to take some tanking, AFL intervention like they did with Roos and a massive overhaul to get the stench out of the club


To date, round 1 is the anomaly with Essendon winning 3 of the 4 quarters played (don’t get why some Blitzers reckon they played crap and just managed to scrape home in the last - there were positives to come from the game).

In the next 8 quarters played Essendon have won just 1 and that was against Freo in the last when they put the cue in the rack.

It is not beyond the realms that Essendon lose all bar 1 game before the bye and that game against Carlton is no gimme!

What a nightmare / doomsday (ina football sense) scenario that would be!


I’m p***** off we should have been 3-0 which would have set us up nicley for a crack at the top 4 but instead we will now be lucky to make the 8.

Same s*** diffrent year the team can get stuffed.


what is the quickest someone has been sacked after being given a contract extension?


Gotta admire some of you typing more than 1 paragraph to vent.

Haven’t missed a game in 20+ years and these days just go to catch up with mates I’ve made over the way. No point getting wound up over something you can’t control.




We won’t be playing finals this year
Collingwood, Hawthorn, Bulldogs, Melbourne are all better than us


You’re old, soon you’ll be sitting in the cheersquad with a lap throw.


It’s true, its just that false sense of hope that really gets you down after supporting the club through its darkest hour and 15 years of mediocrity.


Except that the best players at our pick will be talls.

110% guaranteed.



id rather we recruit adelaide’s midfield coaches.


Shut the lid and throw this ■■■■■■■ jar out! And whilst we’re at it, throw the stupid ‘we are Essendon’ chant out also. Seriously who the ■■■■ else are we, that we need to remind ourselves that we’re Essendon.
I swear it seems like the players delibarerly avoid scoring so they don’t hear that stupid chant.


Get ready for some ■■■■■■■■ from marketing to tell us to chant “we are Essendon” before the first bounce at our home game this weekend.


I’m off the the Trading and Drafting Board. What are we going to do with pick 2?




2019 will equal the longest period in the clubs history without a premiership.


You forgot the dockers lions and suns.