List Status for 2021 - Updates

A Thread to update confirmed changes.

Gone from the List;
Belly - retired
Conor - left the country
Saad - farked off to FarkCarlton
Daniher - thrown to the Lions
Fantasia - Rundled off to SA


Wright AKA 2MP

List Spots Available - assuming 42 total + 2 Cat B (at this stage)


Note - replacing Mozzie as an LTI is unknown at this stage.

Out of Contract for 2021


Feel free to correct any errors here.
I’ll try and update player status when it’s confirmed. (that’s actually confirmed - not posted on Biltz, or on any of the Real_Tom_Browne accounts)
Similarly for list spots available - when the AFL finally makes up it’s mind on composition for 2021.


Five more to go from that list at least

That’s be 6 spots available at the moment right, given how L. Johnson was LTI and someone was sharing his spot.

Thanks, edited

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Some history on the numbers of list changes;

4 retirees 7 delisted
11 changes in total

1 retiree, 4 delisted
5 changes in total

4 retirees 4 delisted
8 changes in total


Well of those players out of contract I definitely would not be re-signing Gleeson, Cutler or Ham. A couple of other question marks.

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I really don’t know why Ham is in the cannon?


Out of Contract for 2021

McGrath - must Resign
Langford - should resign
Daniher - should resign
Gleeson - delist
Cutler - delist
Ridley - must resign
Laverde - 50/50
Stewart - should resign
Townsend - delist
Mosquito - should resign
Ham -50/50
Phillips - should resign
Snelling - 50/50
Saad - must resign
Crauford-should resign

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We’ll have no one left by the time all those players resign!


yeh but will be same situation but with Mosquito next year.

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Knowing our luck we’ll probably have even more after preseason.
However I’ll wait till Mozzie is officially placed on the LTI list before adjusting the list spots available.

Partly to keep track, and partly because such a spot is a 12 month only one, not an open Draft / List spot for the standard 2 years.

almost spot on. Think selling is a resign. That’s the only difference I’d be suggesting

Think I’d prefer he re-sign than resign myself.

So the only difference I’d be suggesting is correct spelling.

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2019 is slightly incorrect according to Wiki. I haven’t checked the others. We had 4 retired, 8 delisted. Players and list positions below.

Player Reason List Position
David Myers Retired Senior List
Mark Baguley Retired Senior List
Jordan Houlahan Delisted Senior List
Jake Long Delisted Senior List
Mitch Brown Delisted Senior List
Michael Hartley Delisted Senior List
Trent Mynott Delisted Rookie A
Tom Jok Delisted Rookie A
Matt Dea Retired Rookie A
Zac Clarke Delisted Rookie A
Luke Lavender Retired Rookie Cat B
Ben McNiece Delisted Rookie Cat B

List sizes for 2021.

This finally seems to be firming up.

Maximum of 42, plus 2 Cat B Rookies
Any mix of 38 Main + 4 Rookies to 42 Main.

A reduction of 2 from 2020.

Presumably you can still list a maximum of 1 Irish player as a Cat B.

Note Tom Hird is contracted as one of our Cat B Rookies for 2021.

Not sure who else is currently Cat B.

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We’ve got Hird and McBride as Cat B rookies I think.


Wouldn’t McBride be a Cat B rookie too?

We did have 47 players on our list in 2020, but I suspect because Mozzie is a long term injury, he can probably stay on as an extra like Lachie Johnson did this year.

So in reality a reduction of 4 for us, which is a fair whack.

I wonder if this will impact on guys like Crauford who we haven’t really even seen, but might be great. I imagine we’ll keep Hird and McBride on Cat B.

Edit: @WindsockBoy and @mdso (see below) correct here.

Not sure how I forgot my basic maths, usually could do this in my sleep, but probably was asleep on this occasion.

The boys on the DonsCast pointed out Mozzie will go into that long term injury list like Johnson was so that will open a spot.

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