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A mate of mine playing in a suburban Melbourne comp arrived at the ground for his game, only to find that 2 matches had been scheduled at the same ground at the same time! Captains called the association for direction. Their response was to toss a coin to decide which match went ahead. LOL!! The teams of the match that didn’t get on were told of a ground that was vacant to play at, they drove the 20 mins to get there only to find it unplayable. My mate is considering retirement…

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I purchased a super sopper for the club and by all reports it worked wonders yesterday and our u17’s was the only game played in the whole comp last night. By the sounds of it though it has rained again at home and is still raining so no play today across the comp. Games were scheduled for Saturday/Sunday this weekend to try an squeeze in extra rounds so hopefully if the rain stops today the super sopper can get the ground up for tomorrow

We got a full days play in yesterday. Only lost about 20 minutes early with the weather but made that up.
We bowled in the wet conditions and after there 35 overs they 3/129. We dropped a guy early and he made 60. In our innings we lost 2 early but steadied and ended up 2/120. I’m batting well at the moment and am 39 not out.
A few quick wickets early next week and we should have another win.

And now today was washed out.

33mm in Warrnambool to 9am, more heavy rain today and gale force winds.

I think that’s play on 4 days out of 14 so far.

Our game abandoned today, but a complete waste of time being told to report to grounds. How our skipper didn’t deem the ground unsuitable for play at 9 this morning and saving us the hassle of getting ready for a match (albeit we’d still have had to go there to put the pitch covers away) was a complete mystery given the ground was water logged and the run-ups at both ends saturated. The umps walked out and after 5 mins they decided it was no good. Opposition skipper was unhappy given they had to drive roughly 40 mins to get to our ground only to find there was no chance of getting on. Fair point too.

I assume this is the Endeavour Hills CC who are getting a heap of international players out for a t20 carnival?

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Hmmm yeah that sounds about right. There would be some serious cash bankrolling that talent that they’ve been able to lure.

Plus they have Dilshan, Karunaratne and Thirimanne playing the regular season as well as Fidel Edwards coming out to play at some stage.

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Their first big T20 is meant to be this Sunday at Shepley Oval in Dandenong.

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They were charging a motza for entry too. So this might be a complete disaster. They’d have made a reasonable amount off the back of that…

We got a win yesterday but we’re made to earn it in a really good game of cricket. They continued on the second part of there innings and we ended up getting them all out for 241. We dropped there skipper in the first over last week and he got 120 odd.
I was batting with our skipper and we were doing really well until the skipper did his calf. From there we made it a little tough for ourselves losing some quick wickets. I was part of that and was out for 89. Im seeing them really well at the moment. We passed them 7 down with 2 overs to go. We have a bye next round.

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The game went ahead…

Bet it’s the first time he’s ever gotten off the ground to find his car on cinder blocks.


Played yesterday and we won by 9 wickets chasing 170. Should’ve been a lot less given we dropped 8 catches. One of the opposition bats made 60 but was dropped 3 times and should’ve been runout on 49. I was listed to bat at 5 so didn’t get a hit and watched our openers put on 140 against a fairly pedestrian attack. If I didn’t take a catch in our fielding innings I’d have been fined for a lack of contribution!

Vic v SA 2nd XI 4-day game at Windy Hill. Not a bad way to spend a lunch break!


After having all of our first 3 games abandoned and the first week of this game abandoned due to rain last week we are finally on the park today.
Our A1 opener just smoked 100 off 42 balls against the best opening attack in the comp


Begley, Hurley and Dylan Clarke playing for Silvan.


Had two games this weekend.

Yesterday, opening bowler bowled 12 wides in his first two overs - couldn’t handle bowling into the breeze - wides both sides of the wicket, but one ball down leg side, thinking here’s another one going wide, but near the pads - little noise - keeper sprawls and catches it - I gave it not out, because I thought it hit the back of his pad. It didn’t, and he went on to make 133 not out. Hmmm! Two balls later he got a legit edge, but the keeper spilt it. Didn’t stop them from counting two catches that I missed. They made about 2-275 with first drop making 90. Away side batted, and no-one topped 17. 8 blokes under 21 though. The opening bat who failed took 6-7 and only got 1 vote. Batting was too fragile to rate the effort.

Today we had 2 umps on the revamped Reid Oval, which was postponed because of an athletics day yesterday - it may have been the Warrnambool Gift. First team were 0-62 before mid off took a blinder left-handed diving wide. First drop made 10 before doing his calf. And that was it…No 5 came in after close to 3 minutes, only to be told he played ones yesterday so couldn’t bat above 7. Three more minutes (I thought everyone at this level padded up 2 or 3), next bloke comes in - bowled first ball. Hat trick missed. The original number 5 came in - out first ball, as was the next bloke, duly hat-trick was taken. The captain ended up with 7-17. 86 to win. 10-23 lost. 6 ducks. The top 3 made 68 between them, and a dozen or so sundries.

Home team bats and by the time the pitch was really playing up…or down, if you prefer, but they batted steadily with occasional wickets to end at 5-86. Another ripper catch at cow corner off a full bunger. I went to tell the non-striker to go back to his original end, and he thought I was calling it a no ball for height. Good facilities at Reid but the deck was, ironically for the weather, very dry. 15-over drinks breaks were appreciated.

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