Majak Daw falls/jumps off Bolte Bridge - broken hip, at least


Seems pretty clear. Don’t think it needs any more speculation.


Didn’t see the “jumped” bit in the title.
All the bs aside, north seem a pretty tight organisation in that regard. Hope they understand and supports him and his family accordingly.

And without being trite, the AFL hopefully doesn’t come in and handle a sensitive issue like they normally do.


Up until a few years ago Australian media never reported on suicides for this exact reason. However they now report on them with the caveat of putting contact details for a helpline at the end of the article.

It’s truly horrible news about Majak. Can’t hope to imagine what he has been dealing with. Wishing him all the best and hope he gets all the support he needs so he, his family and all his friends get through this extremely difficult period.


This is all so sad. There is nothing wrong talking about suicide in regards to education, awareness, or if the wishes of the family or person after their death give permission for that term to be used. Unfortunately discussion about location and action can ‘encourage’ those already vulernable and can just make death by suicide seem one step easier. Many media outlets stupidly used the term ‘jump’ this AM on the radio. Horrible stuff. Should have kept it to ‘accident’ and injuries.


Just terrible to think someone was in a place that bad mentally where that was their option.

Hope he makes a speedy recovery. Also hope supporters are respectful to him when he returns.


Do you think it could be related to the rape allegation?


I suffer from mental health issues, and the past can haunt you, even if they are false allegations.


I think speculating about it does not help anyone.


Schwass has been a strong advocate for mental health supports in the AFL for a while now. Each year, more players are declaring their mental health challenges and taking time out to get better so there’s a growing awareness / acceptance / profile, which is a good thing. Clubs work hard to support their players though, just like Sheeds did with Nobby Clarke but sometimes no matter how hard you try, a persons going to do what a person is going to do. Apparently, the moments leading up to an attempted suicide are the persons most serene / calm because there’s a clarity about what they can do to get rid of the pain. Because he survived doesn’t mean Majak won’t try again. Here’s hoping the failed attempt is the trigger to recovery ‘cause now he gets the supports he so desperately needs. Of course, that’s not to say those supports aren’t already in place (unlikely).


i lost a workmate who appeared to be the happiest guy in the office nearly 2 years ago…i asked what he was doing for the weekend he said im going to the V 8 supercars for the weekend …6 hours later he jumped in front of train…

dont be shy in asking anyone how they are doing r u ok



The Australian has decided to post about what happened, feel free to remove this mods if you don’t think it should be here.

A report in The Australian has revealed what happened with Daw before officers were called to an incident about 11pm at the Bolte Bridge.

“That evening a self-destructive sequence of events unfolded. He fought with his girlfriend,” the report said. “He took a dose of Stilnox, a sleeping medication notorious for its mind-­altering side effects. He mixed this with Melatonin, another sedative. Then he reached for his car keys.”


If that is true, which @sshole is giving them that information?


Sourced from Hird of course

These journos make me sick


Mind altering side effects appear in some ( maybe many) drugs, like the antiparkinsonian that can send some patients psychotic, the antimalarials that induce paranoia in some patients, the sleeping pills that cause hallucinations in some patients. Then there are interactions. Its a minefield.


Didn’t ASADA decide that melatonin was a tanning drug not a sedative?


Good luck to the young man. He’s got a fight ahead of him. I just hope he gets the help he needs.

Considering the state he is in now, it’s reprehensible that The Australian would be reporting the gritty details leading up to the incident.


And then it gets brought here.


That’s only because James Hird is vain and always made it all about himself … obviously.


You say melatonin, I say melanotan…