Majak Daw falls/jumps off Bolte Bridge - broken hip, at least


I’ve read a lot of mixed news about the severity of his injuries. If anybody reads or hears any solid updates please post them. Really hoping he hasn’t written off his body. Hoping for some semi positive news.


one of my best mates is a die-hard norf supporter and doesent sound too optimistic from what hes heard.


Significant pelvis / hip injuries could mean walking hard enough let alone AFL footy


Yesterday i commented that the media had been relatively respectful. Now they’ve totally ■■■■ the bed. I knew it wouldn’t last. Reporting things like a fight he had with somebody close to him leading up to the incident etc. They’re absolute ■■■■■■■ parasites. Like he and his loved ones aren’t going through enough without finger pointing.


The MESSIAH Courtney Johns played AFL footy after busting up his hip/pelvis (after years of rehab), but he’s the only one I can remember, and his lateral movement was pretty shot. And reading between the lines, Daw’s injuries could be much more extensive and serious than CJs were.


Terrible news to hear about the young fella.
As a society, we need to have a good look at the direction we are heading.
Theres so much pressure in different aspects of life.
Work places, relationships, financial strain etc.
Expectations are set way too high.
We all need to value health and well being a lot more than we do.
I wish him well in his recovery both in body and mind.


This issue points to the stresses AFL players experience. This stress would be multifaceted in terms of stresses at the club to perform, train, win. They would also face stresses in the community in terms of being a role model, behavior is always remarked upon and the general attention that they live with.
What is more interesting here is that you would have though that this time of year is when the players are under the least amount of stress. Yes they have to perform and train and keep their fitness to standard but when you see interviews with players they seem to generally enjoy this time of year because the season itself in not impinging on their life.


The two sound similar but are quite different.


Which in itself could be a problem for some.

Routine and constant exercise are excellent combatants against mental illness.

Of course, this may be completely unrelated to mental health, if some of the detail disrespectfully reported is to be believed.


this is why as well the old style of “harden the f*ck up” coaching doesent fly these days. pre 90’s VFL days maybe. players then had full time jobs as an outlet in life. probably nowhere near the same sort of pressure that they have now as well. every player is held accountable for everything they do by their clubs and the public at large. not a healthy mindset to be in if even at home, things arent working out.

would love to see him play again but just hope hes in a good state mentally first


He is in the flow, he must be, to still be with us. Good luck Majak all best wishes with your surgery and rehab.

To your family, community and partner our thoughts are with you all.


The media and the AFL are 100% at fault with this role model crap. They are just footballers, they should not be made into “role models” because they can kick a piece of leather around better than everyone else. I don’t mean this as a criticism towards footballers or high profile pro athletes, but they are flawed just the same as the rest of the population, some of them are great people some of them are total ■■■■■. They are made out to be invincible, and held to ridiculous standards. I feel sorry for Majak tbh, obviously has issues going on, and a rash decision in a dire time in his life is probably going to affect him physically forever.


If the rumour is true about his girlfriend and what actually happened to her, then…

I won’t say

Not hard to find the rumour doing the rounds on the internet.


by the sounds of his injuries I doubt he will be able to walk properly let alone play footy …poor bloke he certainly doesn’t need afl media all over his life for the next how ever long they decide he is a story !!!


part of the stress on players to me is that stupid “role model” tag they give them as well …the need for them to be super human robots with no human foibles at all …I am amazed we don’t see more of this sort of thing from players not only is the game a stress most have to live under a microscope of media attention


I can’t imagine being of South Sudanese heritage and in the public eye is easy on the man either, going off some of the bile on social media, I really hope he doesn’t read that sort of thing. It’s abhorrent, disgusting and inhumanly unfair.


I think his footy career is irrelevant right now


Right now all the AFL will be thinking is how does this effect out image and where to from now.


I doubt with those injuries he would ever play AFL again. No doubt the kangas will keep him around long enough to rehab and recover from his mental issues before it officially ends.


yeah im hearing the same. he was coming really good as a player as well. awful.