Majak Daw falls/jumps off Bolte Bridge - broken hip, at least


So you reckon he should have made the correct logical choice, then.
Excellent deduction.


Or don’t…


That’s the one


I assume he didn’t go there to read the swimming magazine articles?


Possibly not.
I would have avoided all media at that time


Don’t engage with Sanga, especially in a thread with a topic as delicate as this. I made that mistake again recently and was made to immediately regret it


Grant was my boss for a period at WBC.
A man of great intelligence humour, Intergrity and character was he. Actually a great leader.

He’s done some dumb things - little different from the rest of us no doubt.

Regarding his misadventrous, some of them aren’t that big a deal.

His kid manage to escape his hotel room, so in a lather he went after him wearing only a towel. I would probably walk naked around the crown casino to search for my child if I needed to.

The piano thing, well we don’t really know what happen. But we do know that there are two sides to this.

As for being drunk and behaving like a fool. Most of us do it at the footy every Sat during the season. Normal stuff really. He happened to have the burden of being an unappointed role model.

I hope Majak gets through this and finds his peace. If he returns to footy that’s immeterial.

Lesson - take care of yourself & others around you and leave the stupid stilnox alone fellas


I have no idea what is going on in this thread


Welcome to Blitz


Sameolds on the good stuff? GOOD GRIEF.


No judgement here but that aint no towel…


He’s doing alright for himself these days. Investment banker I believe. See him walking up and down William street quite often.


Yes I suppose you could call him an investment banker. He is a smart guy, like many of us when we keep it together


Good lord! The way this 1 speaks any 1 would think it happened to a close friend of a friend of his…■■■■ me drunk!


Would there be any other way?


Even his avatar is pinging.


No disrespect intended but I’ve been giggling non stop for the last 5 mins and my missus thinks I was having a fiddle


Our thoughts and prayers are with you


I think we have drifted from my original point which was Stilnox is dangerous stuff that can make people do some fairly drastic things. In my humble opinion it should not be used except in the most dire of situations under constant supervision.


Yeah, actually funny now I think about it…