Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


That was his most sensible and coherent speech. I hope he follows through with it. Good on him for calling out the hold of the NRA on those in the room.



And Jesus said to his disciples: “Put two in the head, then you know they’re dead.”

This is the word of the Lord.


My dad taught me to shoot when I was 10, and even at that age he’d have ripped me a new one if I played silly buggers with live ammunition.

These turkeys have glued it onto their frigging tiaras. Nuts, just nuts.


Having had 24hrs to think about it (and listen to a few different takes on it) I think he will quickly do a 180. He did the EXACT same thing in regards to the Dreamers (the over 700k immigrants who were brought into the US as children and don’t have permanent legal status).

  1. Called a bi-partisan meeting with Dems and Republicans
  2. Started with a long soliloquy “We need an act of LOVE”, “You guys have to come back to me with a JOINT proposal”, “We need to get this done”
  3. The Dems were giddy, the Republicans couldn’t believe their ears
  4. The right wing press (e.g. Breitbart) lost their ■■■■ “Amnesty Don” then “Gun grabber” now
  5. The Republicans started a quick retrieval campaign including getting in Trump’s ear.
  6. Nothing happened (in one week the DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals will expire putting the 700k folks at risk of deportation) and Trump blames the Democrats.

This same script may happen again. I really, deeply hope it doesn’t but you know what they say about “fool me once…”


Looks like Trumps throwing down some steel tariffs

Shesh, this is going to be interesting - push on inflation, force the Fed to rate rise. Stronger USD

DOW in a bloodbath, I think the ASX will follow at the open

Check that drop at lunchtime, when the news filtered through

Don’t like


Would love to know if Trump understands what tariffs are and what they would mean for the economy as a whole and not just his base.


Australia interfering in the US election.

Bernie Sanders’ 2016 US presidential campaign has paid a $US14,500 ($A18,720) civil penalty to the Federal Election Commission to settle a complaint it improperly accepted the services of volunteers from Australia.

The agreement between the campaign and the commission that was finalised last month says the Bernie 2016 campaign accepted the services of volunteers from the Australian Labor Party, which paid the volunteers’ expenses and a stipend. US federal election law prohibits any foreign citizen from donating anything of value in the country’s elections.

A statement issued by Bernie 2016 says the people on the campaign managing volunteers did not believe the stipend being paid to the seven Australians disqualified them. The campaign settled the complaint in order to avoid an expensive fight but did not agree it broke any rules.

New Hampshire broadcaster WMUR reported that a complaint was filed with the FEC in March 2016 after activist group Project Veritas released videos purporting to show Australians working with the Sanders campaign while receiving monetary stipends.


I heard a CEO of a Steel company in Kentucky - toting it will create 200-300 jobs



Yes. This is exactly the same thing.


National Security Advisor McMaster on the way out according to a report on MSNBC. Some turnover. I think he was one of Trump’s best appointments, kept a relatively low profile and did his job.


Interesting in the US, that you cannot pay workers to work on election campaigns ! The Liberals would be farked here.


Gary Cohn, Trump’s economic advisor, also rumoured to be leaving in the wake of Trump’s tariff announcement according to Politico. Cohn was against the idea.



Cool site!
That was good, but this is very, very funny.


I’ve been following that site for years. There are some absolute pearlers in there.


Can’t wait to see Ozzy Ozborne get questioned next.


This game will be first on the block, then.

Furthermore, if the player makes poor decisions or abuses their power, their advisors may resign, Congress will attempt to impeach them, foreign governments may overthrow them, or terrorist groups may attempt an assassination.


I have an admission to make. I was really bad at Shadow President and it has haunted me all through adulthood. :sob:


I thought you were supposed to be bad at Shadow President?