Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


He went from being the WH easter bunny under Bush. So pretty impressive imo.


He was soaked in the stench. He became a punchline.


StAbLe GeNiUs!


What a grifter.


No, just one* apparently,

*May not be from Kenya.


Stormy Daniels has just gone ape.



More guns = safer schools?


So in the last 24hrs:

  1. Trump tweets there is “no chaos” in the White House
  2. Kellyanne Conway found to be in violation of Hatch Act
  3. Gary Cohn resigns
  4. Stormy Daniels sues Trump

In other words, Tuesday.


If we are going to have chaos. It will be the biggest chaos ever. You will never see chaos like this anywhere else. I know chaos. Trust me. I know it. I have made chaos everywhere I have been. No one makes chaos like me.


That’s ignoring all the stories that broke about the Special Counsel’s investigation. I think there were at least 3 significant ones on that alone.

  1. Washington Post: Mueller with evidence that the Seychelles meeting involving Erik Prince was an attempt to create a backchannel to Putin. Contrary to testimony before congress.

  2. BBC: The UK’s GCHQ have intercepts of ‘suspicious’ communications between Trump affiliates and Russia. Warned the CIA in 2016.

  3. NY Times: George Nader, an advisor to the UAE and part of the Seychelles meeting, is co-operating with Mueller.

  4. NY Times: Mueller knows that Trump has twice asked witnesses about their discussions with the Special Counsel’s investigators.


Chaos is a ladder.


Littlefinger gave that monologue more gravitas than Littlehands could


You know a lot of people are saying there’s chaos. Very important people and the most incredible chaos.


Another interesting story: CNN was forced to retract a story about Scaramucci last year, and fired three people responsible for it. The New York Times has independently confirmed the original story.


Lol. Why am I not surprised.


‘Fake News’.


You forgot to add “let me tell you”.


So, when all those gun owners who are meant to be protecting America are away, what happens? Gun injuries fall of course. How do you test that? When are all the gun owners away? When 80,000 of them head off to the NRA convention…

When NRA members are away gun injuries drop


There are some different analyses further down in the comments section, too.