Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Exactly, if a small child associates going to school with a chance of being shot, there is a problem in society.


Very succinctly put. Agreed. And while not everyone has the luxury of getting up and leaving such a society I want to try my darnedest to give my daughter a better option.


You’re better than posting like this.


Good article.


absolutely correct, but thats a gun control issue, and seemingly no headway is being made in that department, so surely in the meantime you take steps where possible to mitigate risk, no?

from what im reading here, the other option is to stick your head in the sand to make the kids feel better, thereby potentially exposing them to more risk?

naturally therell be arguments on either side saying drills of the sort described assist/ make no difference in these situations, but who really knows?


Halfway through DM’s disturbing post
“I bet Trip replies to this and makes it about someone not liking Trump.”

And I was still disappointed.


No-one has asserted that drills aren’t necessary.


In my opinion, the risk of potentially traumatising children through drills of this nature outweighs the benefit any such drill may have.
And as the article said, ‘active shooters’ don’t generally follow a routine so any drill would probably be moot anyway.


Doesn’t these drills just organise where the kids will be, so a shooter familiar with them would be more devastating?


perhaps not, but im questioning the negative sentiment being expressed towards them


The negative sentiment is that reason for the drills is horrific and the psychological impact of the drills themselves on these children is really saddening.

Drills probably saved lives in Florida recently. The fact that drills saved lives is messed up. That kids around the country know that these drills are serious and the threat is real… I can’t articulate fully how wrong that is.


I called him one of them and I got banned.

Maybe now mods will just know I was telling the truth !!!


So Trip, this comment is at least rational.

Why did you have to make the stupid response to DonMania all political and about Trump ?

And you are the one who mentioned the farking psychotic killers; and hung it on DonMania.

There is nothing Left or Right about this, at times you can just a a real tool. And if you think that psychopaths killing kids is a political issue then you are exactly what benfti posted.


Move to Russia. I hear their President is admired.


The first reference to politics in this discussion came from DM so you might be best to direct your comments at him.
And I never hung anything on DM re psychotic killers - that is just your own warped reading of my comment.

It would be great if some of you could discuss a topic without either being abusive and/or falsely attributing something to me.


No, what you did was when Allblack implied that maybe you could have some empathy for the way a fellow poster was feeling about his 6yo daughter having to conduct active shooter drills, you responded by questioning why you should and then proceeded to say…

“Empathy is understanding someone’s feelings. It is not about sharing someone’s feelings. By that definition we should share Ivan Milat or Martin Bryant’s feelings.”

How in your mind, did you get from empathy for father of potentially traumatised 6yo girl, to sharing feelings with serial killers? The logic leap is astounding, like many of your posts.

You complained he was taking a swipe at Trump, when Trump was never mentioned. He discussed the political changes that had taken place recently, by which I took it to mean that the ruling party i.e. the Republicans are far more tolerant of the NRA and gun owners in general than the left leaning Democratic party. This implies that there is far less political will to do anything about a situation which may impact on one of the Republican party’s largest financial contributing lobby group. A somewhat more rational interpretation of his comment than yours.



The comment was empathy is understanding and sharing someone’s feelings.

And whilst I agree with the former, I disagree with the latter and then pointed out an example as to why I disagree.

It had nothing to do with DM but then again I think you and Bacchus both know that - it’s just the usual slurring tactic that is used to try and silence opinions that differ from what is ‘allowed’.


How can you disagree with the very definition of a word?


And why would you feel empathy for mass killers?