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So now, not only do you disagree with a large percentage of this forum, you disagree with the definition of a word as defined by the Meriam-Webster and Oxford dictionaries? Or is this just another slurring tactic on my behalf? For someone who on the surface appears reasonably intelligent, you really do seem to get it wrong more often than you get it right.


FFS, Ivan Milat is a Psychopath, how on earth can you empathise with someone who basically doesn’t have feelings.


With teachers being armed, what’s to stop a group of kids over powering them in class and getting to the gun safe?


More teachers, with more guns?

So many scenarios that could play out with guns on campus.


There are plenty of other definitions. Just as there are differing definitions on a whole lot of words in the English language.

And given members of this forum all generally parrot the same doctrine, its not surprising that I would be at odds with a large percentage of them.


Congrats. You’re at odds with a word now


Whatever - the whole discussion is a waste of my time anyway given that some idiot thought I was attacking a poster because I dared to suggest that implementing ‘active shooter’ drills to kids in primary school wasn’t the best idea in the world.

And apparently even suggesting something like that could be triggering for some people because their feelings could be hurt.


Actually, people are annoyed with you for replying to a parent who’s disturbed by the effects crazy gunman drills (active shooter sounds like someone with a hunting licence) has on his child, and despairing that this is the society his family is now living in, with…
‘Why do you hate Trump.’

It was tactless and insensitive and kinda rude, but most of all, irrelevant.

Hope that helps.
Know it won’t.


Words have a well known lefty bias


Anyone else think it’s weird that E12 and Donmania basically agree with each other that Active Shooter drills are a bad thing, yet somehow it’s still turned into an argument?


Probably hoping people forget this gem.


We live in a post-truth world, words can mean anything and nothing.

For example, I could say Trip is a very valuable poster and we can learn so much from him.



This was the main point I was taking out of the last number of posts. Sometimes I wonder if the objective is to bore or appall people out of discussion. Some form of Gish gallop.


So you responded to an alternative definition, even when the actual definition being discussed was provided in the post you were replying to? Do you happen to be a fan of “alternative facts” also? And you wonder why people think you are an idiot!


It’s not words with the lefty bias, it’s facts.



Interesting read. I wonder where these people will end up.

Arguably there are similar issues in Australia in small and regional towns - ageing populations, brain drains and drug problems in the form of methamphetamines. Not sure religion is as important issue in Australia but there are most definitely racial undertones. Fortunately Australia has universal health care, social security and a few other things going in its favour - more community based sport (although this is struggling in many country regions) and even the gun laws help to prevent at least some suicides.


Another key administration figure gone. Must be some sort of record.

Trump ousts Secretary of State Tillerson, taps CIA director Pompeo


Nothing like firing your government’s top emissary to the international community via tweet, before hurtling cross-country to go stare at walls to keep your pesky neighbours out.

What great times we live in.