Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


What a guy.


LOL - the probe stopped being about ‘Russia’ a long time ago.
Now its just a fishing expedition to try and remove Trump from the White House for whatever trivial reason they can come up with.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to make America great again on the foreign stage whilst locally the figures are trending positively across most indicators.


Could possibly be the best President to ever be ■■■■■■ on by a ■■■■ star.


George Washington never made America this great.




Seems The Donald himself has hijacked E12’s account.

Like when he posed as ‘John Barron’ to lie about his wealth to lobby Forbes for inclusion on the Forbes 400 list.




I said that right at the start of the investigation. Was called a truther.


It is fascinating watching E12’s retreat rather than express a doubt or misgiving about Trump. Riolio had it right, it is a performance.

I do enjoy how news of investigators looking into the laundering of money, much of which is Russian, in parallel to other onging lines of enquiry means it stopped being about Russia.


The investigation was meant to be about Russian collusion. Now its morphed into basically anything.
I won’t be surprised if they go back to his school days soon to see if he took someone’s lunch money.

Its pretty laughable now and leftists once again have egg on their faces. Trump is running rings around them.

Meanwhile, real voters see hypocrites like the New York AG Schneiderman going down and wonder how many other ‘holier than thou’ Democrats are running around lecturing them on how to behave.


I love that you think you’re normal.
It’s hilarious.
See you a month after the next devastating blow.
Was it a month? Might have been longer.


Why is this a leftist run investigation? From what I can see it was created by a Republican, is led by a Republican and is run through the traditionally pro-Republican FBI. Sure the Dems are enjoying the show, but I haven’t seen anything that says the Dems have any real influence over events. The line that it’s a lefty attempt to sabotage Trump to me looks like a PR spin to discredit any negative findings.

If you can give some evidence that the left has sway over this, I’m happy to look at it.

If they have found evidence of fraud or money laundering during the course of investigating the Russian links, what do you propose they do? Do they ignore a crime? Do they publish the findings but not give Trump the right to defend himself? Do they provide the evidence to Congress and make it their problem? What is the unbiased path forward here?


When you are very dodgy it’s not wise to give the Department of Justice an excuse to take a close look. Trump probably should have thought about that.

Cmon E12 you’ve been typing out “It’s laughable” for a few years. It’s not “laughable now”. Maybe Trump should stop running rings around the leftists, and get better at obstruction of justice rings.

In regards to your last point there are undoubtably a few, and I hope they get discovered and cleared out. But what a perfect example of your inability to express a misgiving about Trump, given his history.


Please - Trump is a millionaire many, many times over. The idea that he would be party to money laundering and fraud whilst running for President is beyond ridiculous…

The simple question to ask is - Why?


Lel. “Can’t have done anything dodgey with cash cos he’s rich”…

Sure thing.


The investigation has been going on for how long now?
And they have found absolutely nothing.

I guess the one good thing to come out of it is that the Democrats have lost their focus, making it more and more likely that Trump will be re-elected.


Because he’s a friggin’ moron!

Among the most well-known Trump legal cases was the Trump University litigation. Three legal actions were brought alleging fraud, one by the New York State Attorney General and the others by class action plaintiffs. In November 2016, Trump agreed to pay $25 million to settle the litigation.


As you well know, because we’ve discussed this, far less time than they investigated Nixon.
And there’s already been indictments.
Which is not, you know, nothing.

Can’t wait for the next one.
Do you think it will be his idiot (is idiot worse than moron?) son-in-law?


LOL - the NY AG doesn’t have much credibility these days, does he.


I’m gonna miss you, in a way.