Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Not sure - maybe it will be his gardener’s best mates, second cousin.

Its amusing seeing you lot praying for something that will never, ever happen.


He’s not watching an Australian football forum. Nothing will blow up if you acknowledge the indictments, guilty pleas, plea deals, and the negotiations for an interview that the President’s lawyers do not want him to take.


Don’t need to pray.
Just watching it all unravel.

Gulliani’s kicking goals for him.
Good appointment.
Must have a shelf-life of…what’s the time in New York now?


If he is clean as a whistle, why does he primarily use a dodgy, dirty mob lawyer for everything?

Yes rich people have lots of lawyers. But the rich usually use the most reputable lawyers, not Mr dodgy Cohen.


I acknowledge them but they have no relevance to Trump or the fact he won the election. And to be honest, the indictments are so trivial, that its embarrassing.


It’s embarrassing that you wrote that.

Manaforts indictments are trivial?


In how they are related to Trump - yes, they are trivial.


If you wasn’t to caveat a statement then caveat when you first post it.


Kind of a non-acknowledgement acknowledgement, but it’ll do. Embarrassing is your backup word after the overuse of laughable. Anyway, I hope your faith in President Eddie Obeid is rewarded. More than a touch of Schneiderman there too.


It’s an art form.


You’re more likely to see trip finally answer Rolo’s “18 month” question than this. Why bother asking what’s clearly a baited troll.


Remember when this muppet thought Julia Gillard was the personification of evil, and everything that is wrong with the world. But somehow Trump is ok. The clown is brain dead.


You haven’t answered any of the issues I raised. And I thought your concern was the investigation branching out into his business practices before the election, which is a perfectly realistic chance of being dodgy.

So with all due respect mate, I’ve given you a respectful and sensible reply to your post. I’ve offered to read any evidence you have that points to this being a lefty conspiracy. If you won’t attempt to answer that, your typing ■■■■ for sake of shouting.


Never said it was a ‘conspiracy’.
Most of them have their heads to far up their arses to get together to form a conspiracy. Rather its a collection of leftists who still can’t understand how Trump won the election and are trying anything and everything to overturn a democratically elected leader.

I’m sure this thread will still be going in a year and Trump will still be President - and people will still be ■■■■■■■■ about Russians or whatever other nonsense comes up in the interim.


Anything else you imagined that I was thinking?


Because he is nowhere near as rich as he claims and his businesses depend on debt.
Because his multiple bankruptcies meant that no credible financial institution would ever lend to him.
So he turned to Russian funding sources, who possibly were using him for money laundering.



On Trump still being here in a year I agree with you. It’s a political move to impeach a president. The Dems would need to win the house and senate to make it happen. Even in this environment which will be a massive swing against the GOP in the midterms, it’s unlikely the Dems can win the senate.

Trump will need to be shown to have committed a major crime for the GOP to impeach him. There is no option for a criminal charge against a sitting president.

Whatever happens, this stain will hurt the GOP election performances, potentially leading to a Dem landslide in 2020.


So his businesses are based on debt yet nobody will lend to him.
Emma Alberici School of Economics graduate here.


So help me understand this - you are saying the FBI is a ‘collection of leftists’ yeah?