Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Or you know, the cause of his several bankruptcies.

Come on Trip, your really not this stupid are you?


That’s my exact point. I just can’t see the FBI being a lefty organisation. It doesn’t mesh with the pro-Republican culture of the place.


I guess when you are on the extreme right, everyone else is to the left. Even the FBI.


This is the witchiest witch hunt in the history of witch hunting.


And Trump DOJ appointees like the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General etc


Actually a graduate of the finest economics school in the country and a professional economist. But you’ve shown time and time again in this thread no understanding of the topic.




Hey E12, I understand you are a Christian. But you seem a bit confused about what that means. Perhaps this quiz will help…


Yeah, but other than those lefty “facts” what would you know?


@Essendon12 When was America “great”? Give me a time period.


Bugman is a BANKER.


18 months ago?


wugman is a banker?


Uh oh, my popularity here may plummet faster than E12’s credibility.


‘His’ bankruptcies?
A few of his business ventures haven’t worked out but that is to be expected of anyone who has been involved in so many.

Honestly, some of you are very wet behind the ears.


Define Christian for me please.

This will be interesting.


Yet doesn’t understand the difference between income and profit.


Maybe your not a troll. Maybe you actually are this thick.


Everyone knows this.

Phase 1: collect underpants. (This is income).

Phase 2:

Phase 3: PROFIT!


I mean let those among us who haven’t dictated a letter for their doctor to release as proof of excellent health cast the first stone.