Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Oh superb. Let’s roll back the tape - where I make no reference to either.

First line refers to wealth and debt.

Second refers to a situation where someone is unable to service their debt.

Third refers to another source of debt.

Income? Profit? Keep digging that hole champ.


Well, I imagine a good Christian wouldn’t be a ■■■■■-grabbing, lying, greedy, vain braggart for starters.


Firstly, the doctor went along with it. If it was wrong then I imagine he would be in trouble with whatever Association he belongs to.
Secondly, any moron should have been able to see that the statement was deliberately over the top and taking the mickey.
Last but not least - who cares.


Also, it was over 18 months ago.


Who among us can say they haven’t claimed bankruptcy on $900 million of personal liabilities? The first time, that is.


I got 100%.
I’m a Christian.
Trump is absolutely nothing like Jesus.


Coming into this thread is like being trapped in the third circle of hell with no chance of escape.


The best part of this thread is watching a fuckstick getting exposed, with monotonous regularity, as a fuckstick, without them ever acknowledging their fuckstickery.


Millionaires, if I’ve learnt anything they never want more money.

Said no one in the last 18 months. Doesn’t matter if it’s before that.


After Gaddafi and end of the Iran deal the US have sent a very clear, concise message. The only way to protect your regime is to have nukes.


Fuckstickery. Marvellous. I think I might borrow that.


One for every occasion.


“I dread the day $100,000 isn’t worth grovelling for!”


Reportedly the embargo on trade with Iran covers US subsidiaries based outside the US and also that petroleum prices will rise. But it’s for the greater good whatever that is.


Use it freely in good health.


But the Europeans won’t do it, The US will need to put embargoes on European companies, which they won’t do.


It would not be about trading with US, rather US owned subsidiaries could be convicted of crimes under US law.


Anyone seen the “this is America” video by Childish Gambino? Wow. Incredible commentary on the state of our country today.


Get on board.


@Crazy_Bomber this is what i was talking about, but they need to ping essendon12 for it.