Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I apologise unreservedly, I interpreted the figures I was looking incorrectly. That is on me and I admit it.


So, of the approx. 213 million registered voters in the U.S. Trump managed to get roughly 29.5% of the total vote. Not exactly awe inspiring. Noting his opponent got 31% of the total vote.


Nice change of direction. I challenged your statement that posters here don’t think Americans voted for Trump, and pointed out that you only need to believe a small percentage of Americans either didn’t vote or voted Trump because of it to have him win.

You then focus on one reason given, and your statement implies that those on the left must believe it applies to all his voters. Nice, or rather poor, misdirect. Again, you’re debating in bad faith.

But a few questions because I’m curious:

  • What is “HG”?
  • Are you so stupid not to think advertising has an effect?
  • Do you think all the companies using facebook for advertising are stupid as well?


I’m HG


Why am I an elitest snob?


But it was directed to me!

Does he think we’re the same person? :thinking:


I understand exactly why Trump won. I called it more than 13 months out. I backed him heavily before the primaries, during the primaries, during the general. I made a real nice amount on the futures market too anticipating he would win.

Doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s a fkn idiot though




Sorry - was meant to be replying to HeffsGirl (HG)

To be honest, my opinion is advertising does not have a whole lot of impact on a persons voting intention. To have any impact, it would have to be a single message drummed in loudly over a long period of time.

Facebook ads are worthless - hence why they are so cheap compared to television or print. Who here looks at a Facebook ad?


… * Slithers *, … Ad’s ? :roll_eyes:

Who on fakebook DON’T read their “News” Feeds


The main impact of the Russians venture j to Facebook was around publishing and promoting fake news stories that discredited Hillary and supported Trump. These stories were then promoted by Facebook’s algorithms and fed people stuff they already believed in. The ads were probably fairly minor, the impact of Facebook algorithms was far higher.

Where the Russians had the largest impact was the hacking of the DNC servers. The story of the DNC supporting Hillary and driving down Bernie votes stank of corruption and drove down Democrat turnout. This type of noise in the media distracted from the many issues with Trump’s character. It made the 2 candidates appear equally bad, where without the server leaks the negative press towards Hillary would have been much less.


Well Trip if the ads are so useless, how did Facebook make about US$40 billion last year ?

I look at them, and I guess so must a lot of others.


I find this particular thread incredibly amusing. Its like a squadron of one legged ducks swimming in circles. Some clockwise , some anti clockwise. More anti*clockwise at the moment , but the little clockwise duck is paddling furiously. What a waste of effort on all sides . None of you will change each others opinions one iota so why bother. You all are better off arguing whether Caracella should replace Whoosha. Mind you that’s just as useless unless we know that BC actually wants the job.


It’s truly not a lot of effort to note that the President of the USA is having these ‘knives, knives, knives’ and ‘rape at an unrecorded level’ moments, really friggin’ regularly.
That’s not about left or right.
It’s about a guy who is totally divorced from reality, a guy who creates his own truth, and the people who buy into that.
Or at the very least, don’t think that’s important.


One of the great mysteries of the world.
If I could short it for 10 years, I would.


You will need to clarify - not sure what you are on about.


I have no wish to explain these things to you.
It’s not like you’re going to concede even the most minor point, so why bother?
If I’ve said something that interests you, google it.


If you are referring to his speech a month ago, it was one speech (ergo not ‘regularly’) and London is experiencing a knife crime increase.

So not sure who is divorced from reality here.


It was less than 18 months ago, though.