Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


That’s not really portraying President Cheetos in the light you may think it is…


Wonder if she smacked him with a magazine with his face on it to get him to do that, … :thinking:


Change of tune.




Speaker Ryan additionally pushed back on Trump’s musings about having the power to pardon himself, saying that while he didn’t know the technical answer to that legal question it would absolutely be the wrong thing to do.



Almost 200 new replies when I looked today. Could only be one man.

The world’s greatest victim is back!


“I want to take this opportunity to explain why young Americans stand for our national anthem,” he said Tuesday, bypassing the opportunity to explain that what gives patriotism, or any virtue, its true worth is its voluntary nature. “Maybe it’s about time we understood. We stand to honor our military and to honor our country. …

“American is a great nation, a community, a family, and America is our home, and we love our home. And our country has never done better than it’s doing right now – never. … We’ve created $7 trillion of value in our country since the election. We’re the largest economy in the world and getting a lot larger, and fast. It’s happened very quickly – actually, quicker than I even thought.”

Trump intended those remarks as a refutation of the concerns and complaints of those most-outspoken members of the 2017 Eagles: Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long, Torrey Smith, others. They’re pro athletes who make millions of dollars! Things are great! They should pipe down! They should be grateful! But the funny part is, it was the president of the United States who defined our country’s present condition purely in terms of money and wealth, and it has been the Eagles’ supposedly selfish and entitled pro athletes who have been raising money for autism research and a sports complex for Haitian children, lobbying lawmakers, and donating a year’s salary to various charities. If that’s selfishness, it’s a pretty odd form of it.


Keeps gving this one.


You know many people are saying that it is untrue.


Every. Occasion.


You’ve got to be joking.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone so one-eyed and imbalanced. In politics you are an absolutist who barracks for a side. In this thread you are the obnoxious fan in the outer who blames everyone but themselves when they are ejected for turning the place into an adversarial sh*t fight that kills debate & discussion.

This is one reason why you are so despised.


Irony is big here.
There is no debate on this forum - its a big collective where everyone agrees with each other.

The majority of posters are either Green left or Socialist Left. They are in general:

  1. Pro Palestine
  2. Anti Trump
  3. Anti Conservative
  4. Strong advocates of renewable’s
  5. Strong believers in the ABC
  6. Anti any sort of Murdoch media
  7. Anti-Catholic/Christian
  8. Pro drug decriminalisation
  9. Pro public service

Its basically the Greens manifesto.

Name me any regular posters who disagree with any of the above positions - these are positions that voting indicates about 50% of the public have an opposite view on.


@Mendozaaaa drink



Why bother replying? You all know he’s been called out numerous times on it.


I think the posters on this site reflect the usual spread across Australian society with the rump of the bell curve being moderates (like me - my conservative friends think I’m a socialist & my socialist friends think I’m a conservative). Most posters are reasonable & can see different sides.

The problem is that you are looking at the bell curve from the extreme right. So (almost) everyone is to your left, and your absolutism makes an adversary of us all. You are a believer & everyone else is a non-believer. Anyone who plays for your ‘side’ is always right & anyone who criticises your side is always wrong. There is no debate or discussion when you make things that B&W.

You are the beligerant drunk at the pub looking for a fight. The obnoxious fan in the outer. And you have no self-awareness to recognise any of this.


Do you disagree with any of the positions I listed above?
If you can’t, then you are hardly a ‘moderate’.

And the term ‘extreme-right’ has been corrupted so badly now that it has lost all meaning. Given that conservative parties are in control both here and in the US then I would say my beliefs are mainstream.

Which posters are reasonable and can see both sides?
Name 5.


Pretty much everyone except for you.
As I said, you are so far gone you have lost all perspective.
Your absolutism has turned you into a blinded, irrational hypocrite. Perhaps you have always been this way.


It’s the Trump Derangement Syndrome, …