Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I’m shades of all the above. Never voted green and probably never would.


Shut up lEfTy

  • Pro Palestine, - any sensible non ignorant person would know that Israel has been an absolute Arsse when it comes to negotiating Peace, particularly under Netanyahoo.

  • Anti Trump, .- The overwhelming majority of Australians are, because they see Racism, Misogyny, Compulsive Lying, and Arrogance as bad things.

  • Anti Conservative - The majority of Aus would be centre left or right, but 90% would view the Hard or Ultra Religious Right as a bunch of anachronistic Prick’s.

  • Strong advocates of renewable’s - Anyone with a brain is, yes.

  • Strong believers in the ABC - 80% of Australians still view it as the most trusted source of News, … because it is, and want it protected.

  • Anti any sort of Murdoch media - Again. anyone of intellect sees Ruperts Rags for what they are.

  • Anti-Catholic/Christian - More Anti Pedophilia, … but you know that.

  • Pro drug decriminalisation - Only Idiots think teh “War On Drugs” makes any sense.

  • Pro public service - Why would you not be?


Oh roilly.
Name any posters who would take say 4 positions that disagrees with any of the 9 points.

Bear in mind this would be in line with the average Australian or American going on past voting patterns.

You can’t name any, can you?

And I will tell you why. Because this is an echo chamber where it is strongly discouraged to debate or have an opposing view.


Shades of is fine. You are one of the few reasonable posters on here.

Most of the othere though have been so brainwashed they can’t even think for themselves anymore. They just parrot the latest Green Left feel good opinion.



Neither Pro nor anti-Palestine, if anything lean slightly towards Israel.
Anti Trump because he is a dangerous fool, followed by even more dangerous ones.
Anti extreme conservatism, in favour of capital and corporal punishment
Advocate all forms of energy, most notably believe we should be nuclear.
Couldn’t give a ■■■■ about the ABC, don’t particularly care about tv or radio in general, they are old technologies that will slowly die.
Anti Murdoch media because it always presents it’s agenda at the expense of honesty.
Christened a Catholic but an athiest. Believe that religion has its place, politics is not it.
My daughter is a drug addict, what do you think my stance on drugs is?
I am a member of the public service (military branch) so yes I suppose I am pro public service

You are still a fool



Who are you to judge?

You wouldn’t know reasonable if it jumped up out of your Semolina!


I’m not playing your silly game. I’ve covered what I wanted to say. You clearly don’t get it.


He’s only proved your point. Self own again.



My favourite obsession of right-wing nutjobs. They hate the ABC because Rupert tells them to.


This is why they kneel.


I’ll play.

  • Pro-Palestine. I feel a bit Admiral Akbar about that. I’m pro two states living in peace without terrrorism whether by rock or by forced land takeover. You could read that as pro Palestine, I guess. But anything else you read into that I’d wager is bullshit.
  • Anti Trump. God, yes. He’s a moron. He proves it daily. That is not right or left. I was actually a bit of a fan of McCain. I think he would have made a good President and was very stiff to come up against Obama. Anti Trump just means rationally thinking person.
  • Anti Conservative…wtf does that even mean? I’ve voted ‘conservative’ so I guess I don’t qualify for that one.
  • I’m not active about renewables. I think you including that as a politicval view says a whole more about you than anyone else. What’s wrong with renewable anything? Surely it’s a good thing?
    Are you anti-renewable? Just…use everything once and throw it away and ■■■■ the earth? What sort of moron thinks like that?
  • Only shills don’t like the ABC. They provide an incredible service for a pittance, despite having their knackers removed by the Libs. See, when people talk about the ABC in that way, they’re talking about qanda, the 7:30 Report, the sort of journalism that used to exist everywhere before big business bought out all the commercials. They’re not talking about the stock (no, not that sort of stock you fucking wankers) report or children’s programming.
    *Murdoch media. Again, the implication seems to be that one would hate them because they’re Murdoch, rather than that editorialising the news is way beyond standard, their pathetic grandstanding, poll-driven (and on that, even You must agree the Murdoch press is the driver of that), policy-ignorant, sensationalist bullshit.
  • Anti-Catholic/Christian. Well, I’m small a atheist. I think Christian groups do some good, and some harm. I donate to the Salvos, because I believe they do good work. And I admire them for that.
    I’m anti-Catholic paedophilia, and the cover-ups of same. Because what sort of monster would be for that?
  • Pro drug decriminalisation. Well, yeah. If it makes sense. I mean, this really is an idiotic position to take. ‘The only drugs that are okay are the ones we decriminalised decades ago!’ But we know more about stuff since then. Some of the stuff we decriminalised is a lot more harmful than the stuff we didn’t. Hi, tobacco, hi! Even when there are medicinal benefits without a euphoric effect, ■■■■■■■ morons are still against it! What sort of hateful ■■■■■■■ would you have to be to support that?

*Pro public service. Well, gee, let’s tender out the health service, teaching and police to the lowest bidder and see how much that helps society. Let’s give Steve the high school drop-out a ■■■■■■■ gun and tell him to go and police on minimum wage.
This, more than anything, shows what a ■■■■■■■ moron you are.


You assume it’s the same 50% on every issue.

That’s what makes you, you.


E12 - a sad isolated tool sitting around jerking off to a picture of Trump when not posting here.


you do understand that if E12 is the troll you all think he is, then describing him as a sad isolated tool jerking off to a picture of Trump will only encourage him to do it more?


He’s done it again. He’s got you all responding to him, laying out your points of view, discussing whatever he wants.

Just ignore him. Eventually he will go away.


No, I think you under/over-estimate him.
His return has gone pretty much as well as anyone could have hoped.

He’s a one-topic, isolationist, delusional troll.
And for the first time people are standing up to it.

He won’t go away until he’s banned for being what he is again.
But this time, by and large, people aren’t engaging in his bullshit.


Well Trip, I joined the SL in 1971, so I must fit your criteria. But let’s review your list.

  1. Pro Palestine

I am actually Pro Israel having visited many times and have many good friends there. Now I have to admit that the aggressive policy of the Likud Govn is disturbing, but Israel has a right to exist and defend itself from attack. I do feel very sorry for the plight of Palesrinians.

  1. Anti Trump

I don’t really care at all about Trump. He won the election and is President and I cannot change that. Feel a lot for Don Mania though having to live there.

  1. Anti Conservative

I am not anti Conservative. Hate blood sucking capitalists who live to screw over everyone to build their wealth.

  1. Strong advocates of renewable’s

While I reckon renewable energy is the only way of the future, I still support the use of coal, until alternatives are fully viable and affordable. I do have a conflict of interest supplying a lot of equipment to the Mining Industry.

  1. Strong believers in the ABC

I hate the ABC for personal reasons, having been screwed over by the 7:30 report when I was local Mayor.

  1. Anti any sort of Murdoch media

Yep got me there; think Murdoch is a blood sucking capital control freak and should die soon, I hope.

  1. Anti-Catholic/Christian

I really hate the Catholic Church, and I am aethist. I actually though dislike all Churches, but everyone to entitled to their own religious beliefs.

  1. Pro drug decriminalisation

Yep, I would not jail anyone for drug use, using Portugal as a model. I would also execute drug dealers.

  1. Pro public service

Why wouldn’t everyone be pro public service ?


I think the answers above illustrate my points. Nobody that posts here would be the opposite of more than half those points yet that is what by and large Australians and Americans have voted for - ergo: a good percentage of the population disagrees with more than half those points.

Therefore making the majority of posters on here significantly out of touch with the average Australian/American. Which makes sense given the Greens only get 10% of the vote as a rule.

Regarding the renewables question. Point taken - poorly worded.
It should read as ‘Anti-Coal’.

Mr Fox - re point 8. Nobody goes to jail in Australia now for drug use. Most of the time they dont even get charged.


I bow down to the sole arbitrator of what the common man is in touch with.

What’s your profession again?