Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Glad to see you confirm my last point.


The real Australia knows that the ABC is nothing but out of touch, sneering, inner city lefties.

Meanwhile, the ABC is one of the top 10 most trusted brands in the country.


And amusingly enough, trusted for the very reasons Tripper and his mates hate it.


Honesty & Truth is only for latte sippin Lefties though, so …


He was like this 10 years ago on Big Footy.


Another example from the Trump administration (by a spokeswoman recruited from -where else?- Fox News) that satirists would reject as being too stupid for people to believe.

She claims that D-Day is a great example of the strong relationship of US and Germany.


Ok. So let me get this right.

Mr & Mrs Everidge Australia / America voted for George Pell. And this proves the posters on this footy forum are all rabid lefties because they don’t like peodophiles.

Got it.


I don’t like Fark Carlton, so I don’t follow them.

The game day thread is awful 95% of the time, so I don’t go in that thread.

I don’t like Kylie Minogue, so I don’t buy her music.

If you don’t like this thread, don’t follow it.


GSo Trippo, you again change the narrative. I explain that while I fit the demographic of being SL, I do not fit your type casting.

In fact, you need to understand that in Australia there is no such thing as left vs right,





The special Counsel has introduced a new superseding indictment for Manafort, charging him with obstruction of justice, and conspiracy to obstruct justice. Also hit with the same charges is a new defendent, Konstantin Kilimnik, Manafort’s Russian/Ukrainian partner suspected of ties to Russian Intelligence agencies.


Absolutely nothing to see here. I’ve got good friends, good people, smart people, they call me up all the time and say “Snig, there’s nothing to see here.” Good people, smart people, the best.


Attacks allies at G7, spruiks Russia. Par for the course.


Am trying to discern between the shrewd businessman thought process going into the G7 Trump has or whether he is stirring up trouble with allies that you really shouldn’t keep poking the bear on.

Bringing the Russians up ain’t going to be doing him any favours. They’re nobodies cups of tea.


FWIW, by GDP (Wikipedia, per IMF figures):

USA 1 <-- in G7
China 2
Japan 3 <-- in G7
Germany 4 <-- in G7
UK 5 <-- in G7
France 6 <-- in G7
India 7
Italy 8 <-- in G7
Brazil 9
Canada 10 <-- in G7
Russia 11

Russia was involved to various degrees between 1994 and 2014, but kicked out following the invasion of Crimea.

The other four there are, of course, BRIC.

(I started this expecting to be pointing at Canada and laughing, but nope. We’re 14th, behind Worst Korea and Spain.)


With your public service question do you mean big v little government?


Hate to be “that guy” but you used the wrong list:


Democrats got good news during the Tuesday primaries, and they’re getting good news again Thursday morning. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds more Americans want to turn Congress blue – a lot more than those who want to keep it red.

The NBC News “poll shows that Democrats enjoy a 10-point advantage on congressional preference, with 50 percent of registered voters wanting a Democratic-controlled Congress, versus 40 percent who want a GOP-controlled one.”

That 10-point difference is up three points from April, and it’s despite the improving economy.

And it’s looking bad for Trump-supporting Republican politicians.

“By a whopping 25-point margin, voters say they’re more likely to back a congressional candidate who promises to serve as a check on President Donald Trump.”

The poll also finds that “a majority — 53 percent — say they’re less likely to vote for a candidate who supports the president on most issues.”

Perhaps one of the greatest indicators is enthusiasm, and Democrats are beating Republicans hands down.

“Democrats are more enthusiastic about the upcoming midterms, with 63 percent of them registering either a ‘9’ or ’10’ on a 10-point scale of interest, while just 47 percent of Republicans signal the same level of enthusiasm.”


“He’s not going to go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want.”

Also the country where they shot down a civilian aircraft.