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For two decades the Republicans have been making a war on…

Pick the odd one out:




The first two are well known. But the third is really their worst We already know the first two are ineffectual and have squandered trillions of dollars. The war on science is a war on knowledge and thinking, They do it because (like our own Tories) they don’t want an electorate that thinks.

But worse this war is likely to slow dramatically advances in science and medicine.

OK, so what is the evidence for this war on science? Please consider:

*Trump’s claims that anthropogenic climate change is “A Chinese Hoax”.
*Trump’s supporting the very, very thoroughly debunked medical fraud that vaccines cause autism.
*Trump withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord.
*Budget proposal to cut The National Institute of Mental Health budget by 30%.
NASA Earth-science missions scrapped — Trump doesn’t want us to even study climate change.
*The Trump administration banned the words “climate change” and “evidence-based” from Federally run websites.
*The CDC was forbidden from using words in their annual budge report: “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based,” and “science-based”. Changing the language… a cliched, Orwellian suppression of fact.
*Trump’s EPA has banned EPA-funded scientists from serving on advisory boards — but not industry representatives.
*National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine was ordered to stop work on a useful and overdue study of the health risks of mountaintop-removal coal mining.
*The Budget proposal to cut funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the E.P.A. by eighteen per cent or more.
*Trump has yet to appoint a National Science Advisor. In absence of that post being filled, Michael Kratsios, a former political advisor to Peter Thiel, is running the Office of Science and Technology Policy.
*Existing climate data and other information has been removed from many agency websites, including EPA and the Department of Energy.
*The EPA and other science-related agencies have 20% or greater staff cuts under Trump.
The Trump administration has made it more difficult for government scientists to speak publicly about their work, as well as about misconduct within an agency. It has restricted communication with Congress, placed vague gag orders on agency staff, and failed to affirm the ability of scientists to share their expertise publicly.
*Trump and Congress have allowed politics to supersede science by signing an unprecedented 13 congressional resolutions rolling back science-based protections, including safe drinking water standards and safeguards to prevent worker exposure to harmful chemicals.
Not a single Trump appointee to a science-related agency has any scientific credentials. For example, the head of the Department of Energy is Rick Perry. He’s got a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science… maybe as close as Trump got in any of these agencies. Obama’s men had PhDs in Physics. And most of Trumps appointees charged with regulation are industry representatives, not scientists.


This is like pouring petrol on a out of control inferno


“No ice cream till you have your veggies!”

“NOOOOOO, I want ice cream now! TWO scoops!”


The look on John Bolton’s face there is fantastic.


It’s not half as good as that Gif where he just barged through a crowd of people then stands there ignoring everyone whil he fixes his jacket.




There are 9 people in the promo photos/circular desk of consideration. Who were #8 and #9?


A lot of these tariffs that Trump is jumping up and down about would have been removed under the TPP that he reflexively removed the US for little reason other than “Obama”. Of course he originally cited national security concerns for the imposition of tariffs on Canada of all places, now it’s because of Canadian dairy tariffs.



The useful idiot.

Russia and China are rubbing their hands with glee.


Not the sort of thing your average conservative would go for. You would think.


Well after blowing up a meeting of friends, let’s see how a meeting with an adversary goes. I think Tuesday is when the face to face is supposed to take place.


My wife is in Singapore at the moment.

Good story.


A dotard and a millennial dictator walk into a bar…



Trump keeps ripping up his papers/documents after use despite being told that it was illegal. There is a team in records management that are forced to spend their days taping them back together to avoid being in violation of the Presidential Records Act.

Edit: there was a team anyway, the people in charge of that effort were fired.


Well he can’t really leave a paper trail can he. That has the potential to cause problems later on.


The meeting is on Sentosa Island. My advice to both leaders is to stay clear of the Butterfly exhibit because it’s a rip off but the zip-line is ace and well worth the hike.


There is a West Australian component to this. As in the sand on Sentosa’s pristine beach.


We have great sand. The best. Great, great sand.