Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


That’s all that’s left after all the great, great iron ore you used to have.


They’ve still got 20 years of gas!


Much more than 20 years if they count my contributions.




Still waiting


Here’s hoping they have a productive summit. Amazing given where things were last year.


What do you feel productive would mean in this context?


Productive, would be they leave the meeting with an understanding of what each country wants. And to do so respectively.

If they actually agree on how to reduce the tension and conflict between North Korea and the US and it’s Asian neighbours, that would be very productive.

Nothing earth shattering there, but I think it’s obvious what the collective/global we are hoping for.


I think the world has forgotten that arbitrary execution, forced labour and strategic starvation happen routinely under Kim’s watch. This public re-branding could only occur with Trump’s participation. There are many good reasons why no other sitting US president has met with the Kim dictatorship. But that was in a time when substance reigned over image.


and they are off and running


I think we can reasonably surmise what NK wants. They want to keep the nuclear weapons they fought so hard to develop but shore up the economy they ravaged in the process thus allowing the regime to continue as it wishes. Being recognised as an equal is a bonus.


What you want and what you get are not always the same.
The fact they are meeting is in itself quite something. And given their respective personalities it is going to be a very interesting encounter. Let’s see what happens.


They’ve already got the recognition but as you say, let’s see.


Dennis Rodman is on CNN… and he’s crying. Also promoting PotCoin while wearing his MAGA hat.


and kudos to both men for picking Essendon’s bye week to meet. Will ensure greater attention by world media.


Who has forgotten?
As for substance over image, Trump is the first US President who is actively trying something. Obama and co talked a big game but at the end of the day nothing got done to make Nth Korean lives better.


You know why no previous sitting POTUS has met with any of the KIM dictatorships? Because one of them is the leader of the free world and the other, a nacissistic dictator.

I can see why you would support the two of them getting together because you recognise they both have at least one thing in common…


And how has doing nothing worked so far?


PotCoin’s price is spiking.