Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I guess Obama was President 18+ months ago


You can’t criticise Dennis for not being up to date and diverse.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that Trump had agreed to stop joint military exercises with SK before Trump did at the press conference. Kim must have got on the phone pretty quick.



John Bolton shaking hands with Kim Jong Un.


Stop being so melodramatic.
Calling Trump a despot, just normalises despots.

I think the difference with Obama is that Trump is actually getting an outcome for America - ie making a deal. Waffles Obama usually just caved in to whatever demand was being asked of him.


Most people have strong opinions on who they vote for. It would take a fair campaigning effort to convince anyone to switch. This is doubly so in America where its not mandatory to vote.

The idea that millions of people suddenly changed their voting intentions because of a few posts on Facebook is tin foil hat material quite frankly.


Far canal, … you can but laugh.

What was that Trip said about Murdoch Media?:thinking:


Slither …


Not necessarily switch. You said it yourself. It’s not compulsory to vote, so you may just have to dishearten people.

Probably not millions either, given the winner takes all electoral college. Possibly a few key areas of a few key states.

Speaking hypothetically.


Here is how many folks actually “switched”. But yeah I am SURE the onslaught of “you and your type are under attack” memes, posts, ads had NOTHING to do with it.

Overall, if we estimate the raw totals using these percentages while working off of Trump’s nearly 63 million votes and Clinton’s almost 66 million votes, the ANES data suggest that about 8.4 million 2012 Obama voters backed Trump in 2016 and 2.5 million Romney voters supported Clinton


There would be a chunk of swing voters who may have been influenced. I don’t believe the interference in and of itself led to a Trump victory. But any possible collusion with foreign powers by political parties and/or candidates to sway a vote should be investigated. I dont understand how you can simply dismiss the seriousness of it ( take out the personalities).


Cuba has to be viewed knowing there are a heap of cubans living in the States. One of the few Latino blocks that vote republican are the cubans because the party has been very strongly against Castro which the refugees/immigrants wanted.

Not saying it isnt cynical. However the diplomacy of Cuba very much had a local political angle in which most foreign relations of the States doesn’t apply.


Let’s be honest, if the FBI says we’re investigating Trump instead of we’re investigating Clinton…what was it…a fortnight before the election, Clinton wins in a canter.

If they say we’re investigating both, Clinton still very probably wins.

But hey, that’s not what happened and here we are.
That’s just a blunt assessment, it’s not a forlorn wish.

Trump is the President.
No, really.
He is.
Questions on the legitimacy of the election win don’t, won’t, can’t change that.

People who live in Trump-world like to have that both ways, that blue voters are just bitter, and that somehow it excuses Trump being a ■■■■■■■ moron.
I don’t know how that last bit works, but nothing about this presidency is understandable.


The polls certainly shifted when Comey made that announcement.


The comments here by Trip that voters don’t switch their votes and HeffsGirl that any Russian interference had no effect on the election one and the same thing. (Sorry HeffsGirl to you in the Trip camp)

If that is true, then why do you think in Australia at the last election the LNP spent about $80 million and ALP about $65 million to send out a message. I have no comprehension on what Trump, Clinton etc spent, but it was probably $billions.

Any to take a wider view, why then would anyine advertise if we don’t change our minds.

I have a close group of Mates who hated Tony Abbott, refusing to even think of voting for him, but when Turnbull took over they were delighted and did vote for him.

I also know peole who have left Labor becuase they are not Left Wing enough, and L:Iberals who jump ship because they are too little or too much conservative. My expereince tells me that while there are probably 25% of voters who would always votes labor and LNP, the other 50% do change their minds and vote all over the place. After spending time in USA I do not think it is much different.


I didn’t say it had no effect. I dont believe it is the singular reason Trump won.


They have form in this area:



I think television and radio advertisements may have some influence - hence why they cost so much more than other media.

Meh. Largely an echo chamber anyway, ie People are in groups that they choose to be in.


Thats the whole point.

You get an echo chamber riled up about what you want them to be riled up about.


Tv is becoming less and less relevant as an advertising medium. The internet is rapidly making broadcasting redundant. Radio still has power due to the captive audience commuting to work, but it is being replaced by internet streaming.

Facebook ads are becoming a significant % of the advertising people see each day. The difference between Facebook and a billboard is that you know a billboard is an ad. Facebook ads can look like news articles or infotainment. Facebook has turned this advertising model into a science, coaxing users to spend more minutes online and making ads as tempting to click as possible.

Don’t ignore the power of Facebook. Some of the best minds of our generation are focused on extracting ad revenue from that platform. Waste of talent, but that’s where the best minds are going.