Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


It’s not going to happen unless people make a choice to change things, regardless of the Administration in. That women didn’t have to kick her out, just shut up let her eat and then let her leave, no issue then happens.

But the media won’t let that happen, they want this crap and they keep pushing for it.

It is going to go to a very bad place, mark my words and revisit them when it happens.



I believe the owner is entitled to ask any disruptive patron to leave. Now, she may not have been disruptive in the usual sense but her presence clearly made the staff uncomfortable, and that’s reason enough.


no it isn’t and it should never be that way imo
The staff simply need to grow up, all she was doing was eating, that’s it.




What? This is not comparable to LGBT rights.

One is discrimination.

One is not liking an individual, based solely on the individual.

To compare the two is disingenuous.




I thought this entire administration was powered by cheeseburgers anyway.


Not sure, who is Left and who is Right in this scenario. Don’t reckon banning this person from your restaurant is left or right. It is about Trump and his actions being not acceptable to this restaurant owner.


Ah, yes. One is discrimination for a protected class. The other would presumably (I’ve not seen the link) be refusal on a political basis. Which is generally fine.


Can’t really complain about chucking out Rumsfeld.


Republicans: Business should have the right to refuse service based on sincerely held beliefs!

Business: Get out

Republicans: No. Ha ha. Not me. You can’t discriminate against me. That’s not fair. I meant those other folk…


See, this is the problem with teh left.


Sure, but the buns are fried chicken.


Washed down with a Diet Coke. Got to watch the weight after all.





Just so you know, the Red Hen owner and a group of supporters followed the extended Sanders family to a different restaurant and protested while they ate, despite the fact that Sarah and her husband had actually gone home.


Trump’s trade war: Harley Davidson are shifting production overseas for bikes destined for the European market. It had been hit with a 31% retailiatory tariff after Trump’s tariff move.

America’s largest nail manufacturer has had its first layoffs, and may be out of business by September.


Well the great lesson in all this is there are consequences in life when you act like a ■■■■.