Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Not really. Trump hasn’t done anything surprising if you paid attention to his campaign. I don’t think he’s done anything treasonous.


Seems they are fighting back!


The OP Ed doesn’t claim treasonous. It indicates that Trump is incompetent or incapacitated. The Op Ed is given is given some credence because it says the same thing as the Bob Woodward book. The other thing to be remembered is this is a Trump appointee. So this isn’t some sort of Deep State operation.


In a press release Trump’s lawyer Giuliani has said that the President will not answer any questions, whether in person or in writing (that detail is a new step backwards in defence), from the Special Counsel regarding whether he tried to obstruct the investigation into Russia.



How do you know it is? It’s anonymous so not even the paper knows who it is allegedly. It is made up, pure and simple imo.


The paper knows who it is I thought? They couldn’t print it otherwise.


Didn’t they claim it was anonymous?


The paper’s opinion editor knows who it is, but the news desk doesn’t apparently. So the Times’ investigative journalists are in an odd position, in which they are trying to uncover the identity of an anonymous official which is already perfectly well known to the op ed desk down the corridor. The news desk are apparently very unhappy about this.


As HM has said the paper’s opinion section has said they know who it is, and chose to grant them an anonymous byline. They said it is a Trump appointed senior administration official (though who knows how far they have stretched “senior”, for the NYT’s sake I hope not too far). Not an Obama era holdover thus not the “deep state” rubbish.


We also have Woodward’s book, which is unaffiliated with the NYT describing a very similar WH.


Treason the crime of betraying one’s country

If a US Citizen sat down with a Russian Leader and then came out and painted as a him hero to be admired, there would be many, many US people who would see that as treason.

I allege that being a US Citizen and POTUS makes it all the more treasonable.


Fake treason then. Nobody cares one way or the other.


EnEmY oF TeH pEePlE.


So a ‘senior’ Republican official writes an op-ed in a left-leaning newspaper many Republicans would not read reassuring said Republicans that they are thwarting the democratic process for the good of the country. In the same week Woodward, who works for the opposition NYP releases a book detailing/alleging similar dysfunction in the White House.
If the op-Ed is true, and for the NYT’s credibility let’s assume it is - then Trump really has some work to do in ‘draining the swamp’.


I wanna know who it is. Like really bad.

It’s someone who is setting themselves up for life post Trump. My money is on Pence with the dark horse being Ivanka, Kelly a good choice too.


There is a good article with strong reasons why it might be Huntsman. Uses lots of his phrases.


One of the theories is that whomever did write it, may have used the common phrases and words of others to misdirect people trying to determine who it might be


Sounds like good reasoning. Also throws suspicion over a lot of people which is just brilliant.


wouldnt be surprised if the article is the US governments version of “Sarah”