Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


The New York Times isn’t MMM


same ■■■■, higher level.


Hmmm, freedom.
Freedom to commit war crimes with impunity.


I don’t believe the Dems are big fans of the ICC either.


Have the Democrats threatened countries for being members?


No, not sure why you said that.

I wasn’t defending Trump/Bolton just adding further to the discussion highlighting the fact both sides don’t hold the ICC with great regard.


I said it because it seemed like you were saying the Democrats are kind of the same on this.

I don’t think they are.
But I see now that you don’t think so either so, my bad.


Last night I was watching TV (HYBPA) and they had a snippet of Trump saying something.

I said to my wife and daughter; “have you ever seen a President that is less President than this guy? Have you ever seen a President talk like an 8 year old child while addressing the world’s media?”

He is embarrassing. But he is also predictable. Instead of saying they do not believe that the ICC is a worthy institution for them to support, it turns into “you guys suck and if you try to do anything to us we will blow you up!”


US has not ratified all the Geneva protocols ( although it has applied most of them) and has generally been resistant to the ICC trying US citizens. Otherwise it has not threatened the ICC’s existence.


Yes we have already addressed that issue. I wasn’t saying the Dems said that.

Sheesh, mention the word Dems in here and people go silly.


You bringing it up is silly.

Every time

This is bad

But the dems do it.

Who cares.


I didn’t bring it up in the sense you are trying to paint it as so maybe grow up a little a realise what I was saying.


I’m not trying to paint it as anything other than you post - paraphrase “the dems are the same”

I wish you would expand to say something more substantive.


Neither the Dems nor the Repubs support the US being part of the ICC. They do not believe that US citizens should be tried by people outside the US for acts committed while in action for the US, it is theirs to deal with only. It was not something that was ratified by the Senate or House and only pushed through by the Pres at the time, Bush Snr, I believe


Actually this was interesting (separate issue btw):

In keeping with tradition, Bush issued a series of pardons during his last days in office. On December 24, 1992, he granted executive clemency to six former government employees implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal of the late 1980s, most prominently former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger

Bush described Weinberger, who was scheduled to stand trial on January 5, 1993, for criminal charges related to Iran-Contra, as a “true American patriot”.

In addition to Weinberger, Bush pardoned Duane R. Clarridge, Clair E. George, Robert C. McFarlane
Elliott Abrams, and Alan G. Fiers Jr., all of whom had been indicted and/or convicted of criminal charges by an Independent Counsel headed by Lawrence Walsh

I expect most of those charged under this current investigation will be pardoned by Trump when he gets to the end (if not impeached).


Australian firefighters shot at by men with scoped rifles in hours-long ordeal in US

Makin’ the USA great (at the point of a gun) once again




He did and you shouldn’t feel bad.

Anyone following that article with a “bit the Democrats don’t like them” is clearly deflecting.


I saw that. The guys were caught, they were illegal poachers.


Nice of you to tell me what I was thinking. How about you read what I said later on instead of, once again, claiming other peoples words for them.

Maybe go back and tell us all how we didn’t have any injuries in the forward line this year, that’s what you are good at.